More Finals Stuff

For our last two shows, we added face paint. So during our “transformation” we tear off our uniform jackets (on the fly) and reveal out tattoo compression shirts. Then we play our didgeridoos.

But hidden inside the end of the didgeridoo was some black greasepaint. Which we then scoop out and streak on our faces.

It was all very “Lord of the Flies”.

This is me at the end of the show:


Yeah, I also wore a little guy-liner. Just to make my eyes pop more on the field.

Here’s a pic of my section and our techs:


You can see our compression shirts with their tribal designs (there were 3 different versions).

Oh, and I may or may not have seen a full video of our finals performance yesterday. I was secretly sort of hoping I’d watch it and say “Ewwww, yeah we weren’t as good as we thought.” You know, kind of like when Peter and Lois see a video of their folk singing performance and it’s really just incoherent, drunken shouting?

Yeah… Not so much. We absolutely crushed it Finals night.

Also a mystery is the Brass judge’s critique tape of our performance (which I also got to listen to yesterday). He gushes throughout, complimenting us on clarity and ensemble sound and expressiveness and difficulty and individual demand/responsibility and the music arranging and how it fits the mood of the show. Then he torpedoed our score.

So… Yeah. Aces.

We have our end of the year picnic/barbecue this evening, so we’ll eat and drink and bitch and decompress some.


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6 Responses to More Finals Stuff

  1. truthspew says:

    I think you’re learning something here. Who wins isn’t a matter of perfection per se but who the judges believe should win regardless. You guys have won once, and probably will in the next year or two.

    There are only so many bands and marchers in the total mix so everyone will more likely than not win once every 5-10 years even if they suck.

    • cb says:

      Well, normally I would agree with your assessment– if the same one corps hadn’t won 8 of the past 9 championships.

      • truthspew says:

        So that tells me one or more of the judges has been bought or paid off by the corps that have won 8 out of 9 championships.

        Knowing what I know about hacking into phones etc. I’ll just bet you could put a case together as an 89% win rate is a little more than a few standard deviations away from a normal distribution.

  2. Robert says:

    It’s not so much the judges being “paid off” as simply biases. The majority of judges are from the East Coast, so there is a bit of East Coast Bias. In addition, judging is subjective and certainly even though the judges will swear they are impartial, there is almost always bias whether intentional or not. In addition, many judges are alumni of various corps, so they may judge a corp more favorably.

    I would hope that eventually the corps that are being judged would ban together and stand up to DCA. But that would be in a “perfect” world.

  3. JimA says:

    Nothing wrong with wearing some “guy-liner”… just ask Brett Cajun!

  4. Rick says:

    I don’t know why I find that photo of you so creepy. The lighting and color is unsettling.

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