Gorgeous Weather

I’m a little nervous about all this gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Nervous because its like we are having our Spring now– or early Fall.

As you may recall, winter totally sucked dirty b-hole this year. It lasted well into May, and June was rainy and cool. Even by July 4th, we were barely 80 degrees!

Technically we had like 1.5 weeks of summer weather in Mid July, and we’ve been cool and dry again ever since.

I mean, how can a person really complain about upper 50’s at night for sleeping and upper 70’s during the day? It’s perfect biking and being outside weather, it truly is. And sleeping with the windows open is divine– not to mention an electric bill saver!

But it isn’t Summer. I like Summer and it’s like we didn’t even have one. I feel gypped!

Let me put this in gardening terms– it’s now mid August and I have yet to get a single ripe tomato off my balcony plant. Although there is one starting to ripen now.

I am worried that we will cool off rather quickly now and start winter again, after only like two and a half months of springsummerfall.

And that will suck big time. I don’t think I can handle another 6 month winter.


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One Response to Gorgeous Weather

  1. truthspew says:

    Well out here on the northeast coast we started getting really hot in May and it went straight through July with almost three weeks of 90F and above. Been sort of cool in August though.

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