That was our score this past Saturday at the show in Racine, WI. 90.15.

So far we’re the first corps to break 90 this season, and this score puts us on a similar trajectory as 2011 when we were crowned champions. This is good, yet also a bit troubling as it feels like we still have MUCH work to do on this show. Plus, the Bucs didn’t have a show, and I know they are rehearsing like fiends.

Still, we managed to throw out a really good show this weekend. Especially after the shit show rehearsal we had on Saturday.

Boy was everyone on their period Saturday morning! It was bad. Real bad. Everyone was cranky and tired, and then we got royally screamed at right off the bat. That just set the tone for the day. Then there was more yelling. And more yelling. And verbal berating. And lots of negative reinforcement.

Bee tee dubs? I do NOT respond well to being yelled at. It doesn’t make me hustle more or play better. It basically just instills a “fuck off” attitude in me.

Especially when no staff was present first thing in the morning and the general corps members had to get our own breakfast together and figure out field lining, etc.

The field conditions didn’t help matters. It was basically marching on dirt littered with crabgrass, and because of the angle of the sun, we couldn’t see any yard lines.

Fun times.

Needless to say, it was hard to stay motivated through the rehearsal. I found myself counting down the minutes until we would just be fucking done for the day, and I just wanted the show to be over already so I could go home.

Rehearsals like Saturday merely reinforce my decision not to march next year.

Yet somehow the corps pushed through and we performed well. And broke 90. So… Silver linings I guess.

We’ll see what happens in the next 3 weeks or so. I hope everything gels like it did in 2011 and we really max out this show.


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One Response to 90.15

  1. JimA says:

    I don’t respond to yelling either! Glad you did good though!

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