Crazy Weekend

As you probably guessed from my disappearance, it was another crazy drum corps weekend for me. With a visit from mom tossed in for good measure.

So as not to keep you in suspense, we had an excellent show at our biggest event that we’ll march in all year (DCI Minnesota). And my mother enjoyed it thoroughly.

But now I’m exhausted and sort of ill.

In addition to the stress of cleaning and preparing for mother’s visit (and being down several people at work) we had extra corps rehearsals. And I was sleeping on an air mattress on my floor.

Friday Mom arrived, and then I had to dash to rehearsal with her in tow. 4 hours later we did a full uniform performance run for our friends and family.

It didn’t go that well. It wasn’t bad, it was just… Off. But what do you expect after people have worked a full day then rehearsed full out for 4 hours?

But then they unveiled our new uniform design for next year–


Not bad. Modern elements with some classic lines. I like the gauntlets and the blue swath to sash thing.

Anyway, after that long day came a night of no sleep on my floor– and storms. And then a fucked up start to Saturday morning rehearsal (I HATE it when field lining is totally fucked up first thing in the morning).

Then more rehearsal, which turned into a little bit of a beat down because Friday’s rehearsal wasn’t great.

Then it was time to prepare for DCI Minnesota. Which is only like the biggest drum corps show until finals AND in our very own back yard.

Here’s an epic shot of us taking the field at sunset, under the stadium lights:


And here we are all “primal” in our skin-tight tribal compression shirts (with didgeridoos):


Despite loose and iffy quality rehearsals, we actually had a very good show. Musically, we still need some ensemble work, but everything was really solid overall. And the triplet licks came across hot! Also, much of the drill looks really good– very readable.

We did ourselves proud and (hopefully) impressed some folks with what we are able to do with a rag-tag band of corps-freaks and once a week rehearsals!

Our show was broadcast live and recorded for the DCI fan network website. I am guessing some of our competition was scoping us out. Hopefully it was a nice “watch yer back” moment for them.

One last pic– me in my tribal shirt looking all fat. But my lower body technique is rocking!


P.S. My Sunday was spent doing things with mom, including seeing the movie “The Way Way Back”. I recommend it.


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One Response to Crazy Weekend

  1. Mark in DE says:

    You put so much time and effort into drum corp. Is it strictly for fun, or do you get paid?

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