I Love A Parade–


— said no drum corps member ever

Being in a drum & bugle corps is pretty much all about “the show”. The field performance. It’s about the synergy of the percussion, horns, and color guard, hitting intricate drill forms, sparkling under the stadium lights, in front of a cheering crowd.

It really isn’t about marching down a street under the blazing sun, sweating your balls off while the parade-goers berate you constantly to “Play Something!!”

Parades suck.

They are, however, a money-making opportunity for the corps as well as a “recruitment opportunity”, therefore a necessary evil.

And make no mistake, parades are evil.

I don’t think people realize how much work marching in a parade is. You have to be rigidly at attention the whole time. No looking around, no breaking down. And you have to carry your instrument of course, which gets heavy. Plus parades are usually at the hottest part of the day and we’re dressed head to toe in heavy, black polyester.

Being the “professionals” that we are, we also aren’t just gonna stroll down the street willy-nilly. Oh no. You have to constantly maintain correct spacing so that you look like you are in perfect rows and diagonals as you pass by the white trash families full of squalling children.

And then there is the repetitive playing of a couple parade tunes over… and over. And over again.

All while dodging horse shit.

I. Hate. Fucking. Parades.

I bring this up because we have a parade tonight after work. And then two parades on the 4th of July. But after that– no more! Especially since I won’t be marching next year.

Lord, just give me the strength to get to July 5th!

P.S. I’m in the above pic– red shorts, sleeveless T, bright shoes.

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2 Responses to I Love A Parade–

  1. Kevin says:

    boy you blow a big instrument!

  2. that is a huge fucking horn! no wonder it gets heavy to carry.

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