Minneapolis seems to be a target of Mother Nature’s wrath as of late. We’re in a pattern of hot, muggy, storm-brewing weather.

(Of course we are as it’s drum corps season, right)?

Anyway, this past weekend we got rather blitzed by some bad storms. It started Friday evening….

First, let me reiterate how much I enjoy urban living. I love being in an industrial loft in an older, solid brick building with centralized utilities. There’s no roof to worry about and no trees that can damage my property. And my car resides slightly below ground level in a concrete parking structure.

This all leaves me feeling very protected and safe. Plus, there is that whole comfort factor of having nearby neighbors in the same building– not to mention the adjacent retail space.

Even if a tornado were to occur, I believe my building would stand as a fortress– except for the windows. But those are easily replaced.

That being said….

Friday’s storm was bad.

I got home from the gym, started laundry, and was practicing my horn. I could tell a storm was coming and the sky was getting darker and the atmosphere even more oppressive. The tv was on in the background as I practiced.

Pretty soon I noticed it started raining– hard. It was pelting my windows. I hadn’t really been hearing much thunder, not like the portents you normally get with severe weather. So still I practiced.

Then the satellite went out. I know a storm is pretty decent (and close) when my building loses the satellite feed.

And then the lights started flickering.

At that point I stopped practicing and looked out my windows. It was grey-white out.

So I set my horn down and went to my balcony door to get a better look outside. The wind grew wild and I watched as my balcony chairs lifted up and started caroming off the balcony railings.

The wind was blowing the rain horizontally and it was coming down so fiercely that I couldn’t see across my courtyard.

This is when I scooped up Miss Phoebe and went and sat in my bathroom (away from windows) for about 10 minutes.

I haven’t been nervous about a storm in a long time. And like I said, living in big, brick buildings makes me feel rather safe. But I can’t remember the last time I witnessed wind like this. It was a bit unnerving.

When Friday’s storm was done, it left damage all over Minneapolis. Trees down everywhere. Power lines and poles down. Streets flooded. Homes damaged. Many thousands (like 600,000) left without power- including lots of businesses in the city.

I guess 75mph straight line winds and torrential rain will do that.

We got another round of storms Saturday early morning. And then again early Sunday morning.

I was lucky. No damage and no loss of power. But that can’t be said for everyone.

Even today- 3 days later- there are still broad swaths of Minneapolis that don’t have power. Big trees and storm debris are still all over the place. It’s cray-cray.

I guess this is all part and parcel of living in the Midwest though.

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8 Responses to Storms

  1. Chip says:

    Glad you’re safe….

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    Was Phoebe scared? My dogs always get nervous during thunder storms. I, too, am glad you and the princess are safe.

    • cb says:

      Phoebe is totally a brave kitteh. She is miss explorer, friendly, and not skittish at all. Sometimes an unexpected noise will startle her, but mostly she just doesn’t care.

      During storms she just curls up next to me and sleeps.

  3. OMB! did you recover your chairs? glad to hear you and miss phoebe are safe.

  4. JimA says:

    Glad you’re safe. Were you expecting to see a cow fly by?

  5. truthspew says:

    It’s not just the midwest that’s getting hammered. We’re now entering our second or third heatwave here in RI. Got up to 93F today, scheduled to be 91F tomorrow and Wednesday. It’s gonna be a hot summer.

    And attendant with the high temps is ozone alerts and thunderstorms. Really EXTREME thunderstorms. A small monster storm just ripped through here. Moving at 20MPH it went quickly.

    But I want to start leaning on utilities to start BURYING every bit of wire for electric power. Because the trend line says the storms are going to cause more damage as time progresses.

  6. Rick says:

    I’m glad that you and Miss Phoebe had each other to comfort.
    Send that rain to Texas.

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