Frash Dance?

This falls under “things that make me giggle”.

At work we occasionally receive blueprints from Japanese companies for our production feasibility reviews.

Sometimes the English note translations are… Inaccurate. See note 1 below:


“Frash and Burrs”.

When welding metal, “fLash” is a term used to describe the excess material sticking up in the weld zone.

So reviewing the print this morning for “werd frash lequilements” got me giggling a little.

C’mon! Evelyone’s a rittre bit lacist.


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3 Responses to Frash Dance?

  1. Girl Tuesday says:

    As a kid, we lived in Japan for a few years. When we moved into our house, the Japanese movers asked my mom “Where you want lug?” It took a minute to figure out they meant “rug”. We also loved the “flied lice” dishes – yum. 🙂

  2. truthspew says:

    This seems to be common across most of Asia. My KST V6 had a user manual that was mostly Chinglish. I had to read through it twice and finally translated it to pure English.

  3. from my yarn swift (made in japan) instructions:

    push the red buffon.
    being equipped with convenient metal connector, so there is no trouble at all like entangling of thread or yarn.

    you get the idea. I had to read the instructions twice also. :-/

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