Springtime for…?


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Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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14 Responses to Springtime for…?

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Dude – you need to MOVE!!! It was 92 degrees here in DE yesterday, which is a little too hot too soon, but today its a balmy 78 degrees.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    Oh BTW – your video made me LOL – literally!!!

  3. eli says:

    You know you do resemble doctor cranky in that video. Check him out in you tube.

  4. Peter Maria says:

    I have always “admired” the heartiness of the folk who hail from Minnesota, both in the sack and for putting up with that weather! I think Milwaukee would be my Midwestern max for the north, with a definite preference for Chicago since I am familiar with it. And I would be fine with the brutal winters if then the summers weren’t almost equally as nasty, once you get too far inland from the Great Lakes. I prefer the PacNW, or upper elevations in the SW.

    But really, tell us again why you picked Minneapolis over Chicago? I can get needing to be close to family in Iowa, but isn’t the drive about the same? The weather is at least about 2 months more tolerable just that little bit more further south and east.

    And you get a pass if you were forever imprinted by the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I almost was, but then I learned about weather almanacs. Hope it gets nice for you soon!

    • cb says:

      I chose Minneapolis for several reasons. It’s one of the healthiest cities, great outdoor life, biking, etc. Very gay friendly, with very supportive gay laws (for the most part). Also a job was here with excellent benefits. It’s also smaller and cheaper than Chicago, yet still has an excellent arts and music scene. Much easier to get around in, etc.

      And while I LOVE Chicago– I’d never be able to afford living in a similar loft condo without having roommates. Plus Chicago is 6 hours from home, while Minneapolis is only 3.5.

      • Peter Maria says:

        Thanks for explaining! I had no idea that Minneapolis was so much cheaper than Chicago. I understand how finances can trump climate (well, to a point). Plus it sounds like a better quality of life; I would hate roommates as a 40-yr-old single guy. And the proximity to home would be icing on the cake; close but not TOO close. Again, hope the weather finally turns to spring for you!

  5. DAYUM! that’s just NASTY ASS! we hit 89 yesterday. today we topped out at 70.

  6. Gk says:

    Nothing finer than the weather in the Carolinas! Suck it!

    • cb says:

      Oh, I lived in North Carolina for 9+ years.

      The weather (except summer) was the only real decent thing about living there.

  7. rg says:

    I spit my coffee out on my keyboard this morning laughing so hard.

  8. Girl Tuesday says:

    Hang in there, Cb. It can’t be fucking winter forever….

  9. truthspew says:

    The weather here in southeast New England has been cooler than I recall but then I remember my childhood. Not biggie.

    Mostly in 50’s and 60’s though peaking up toward 70’s. But even today as I type it’s 40F! What the fuck! And rainy and as it is wont to do – our public transit agency doesn’t work worth shit when it’s cold and rainy.

  10. Rick says:

    Damn you startled me. I know you’re getting tired of that stuff but theeeeee sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom…
    It’s been unseasonably cool here too for se TX this spring and I’m greatful because I have to have my AC and I hate paying for it.

  11. You’re so the Modern-day Mr. Rogers. You know that, right?

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