I <3 Minnesota.

Some days I really have to work hard to remind myself that I actually do enjoy living here.

Today is one of those days.

Like most people, Winter makes me a bit stir crazy. I can handle it in December and January decently enough, but as March approaches I just want the shit DONE.

We are now into April and three full weeks past the “official” first day of Spring… and we are under a Winter Storm Warning.

This is what we’re to expect in the next 24 hours:


Yeah. We’re on the edge of that 12+ area.

And okay. I fully realize that April snow is not uncommon up here. But usually it’s after a spate of warm weather, and the snow doesn’t last for long because it warms up again quickly and melts it all.

However we haven’t had a nice, 50 degree day since Thanksgiving.

North of us, the lakes are still making ice. A guy I work with just went ice fishing last weekend and the ice was still 29″ thick on his lake.


We had the coldest March in decades, and so far April has been hovering around 10 degrees below normal. I haven’t even dared to get out on my bike yet!

Fuck. This. Shit.

I need nice weather! I need to get outdoors! I want to be able to ride by goddamn bike to work without having to wear a parka! I want to be able to walk at lunchtime without having to wear fucking yak trax!


And to make matters worse, drum corps season is nearly upon us. Our first outdoor camp (for drill learning) is in roughly two weeks. It’s going to be difficult marching if the fields are still covered in snow.

Or worse— are sloppy muddy because the ground is still frozen and can’t handle the snow melt.

And we start outside on May 1st. I’d really like to not have to wear thermal underwear for that rehearsal.

Like I said, some days it is really hard to find positive things about living in Minnesota.


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6 Responses to I <3 Minnesota.

  1. Chip says:

    Thinkin’ of moving? You know that I admire your commitment to Drum Corps no matter what the weather.

  2. OMB; this is why I don’t live in the midwest. lovely to visit, but not to stay.

  3. Girl Tuesday says:

    I totally know what you mean! It’s finally getting nice and sunny here, but the temp is still brisk. I’d love to lay out on the lounge by the pool, but I’d freeze to death, and also people would think I was a weirdo.

  4. brettcajun says:

    Aww… it was 83 degrees here today in God’s country… Louisiana. Perhaps you should live somewhere more blessed?

  5. Doréus says:

    I could say something along the lines of “Try Alberta”… but I won’t. All I will say is that I understand and commiserate.

  6. truthspew says:

    It’s been a relatively cold spring here in RI too. However it’s starting to change – temps in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And tomorrow it’ll be in the high 40’s when we go out to protest a stupid ruling that wouldn’t let a local garden store open up. Going to be a big circus – the media will be there, the church that opposes it opening will be there at 9:30AM, and a good time will be had by all!

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