Li’l B*Hole Comix

Arrigato haaaaaay!

Time for the comix! But first, last week’s challenge. And because several people expressed their approval, the win goes to Gii!

Jeffrey Dahmer, Easter 1969.

And now back to skewering my most hated of daily comics– the Family Circle-jerkus!








And now it’s your turn to write a caption for me! Have fun!



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Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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13 Responses to Li’l B*Hole Comix

  1. Jumbo Jim says:

    This is some bullshit!

  2. this reminds me of daddy between billy’s asscheeks last night!

  3. DustinDustin says:

    If this is one of those Jew dogs that bitch will be sorry.

  4. rg says:

    Alright! Dark Meat!

  5. JimA says:

    Oh look! It’s an “AOL” footlong!

  6. Ben says:

    “God, I miss Jack.”

  7. YvesPaul says:

    Yes mom, just splatter the milk all over this hog.

  8. Girl Tuesday says:

    “The foot longs are good practice.”

  9. wcs says:

    If there’s a mouse in my glass, god only knows what’s in this hot dog.

  10. justajeepguy says:

    Is this one full of creamy goodness like Daddy’s?

    Yves’s made me shoot milk too – out my nose.

  11. Freddie says:

    That reminds me … I gotta call Father Flannigan.

  12. pjwyckoff says:

    Finally! A dinner I can’t choke on!

  13. Gii says:

    I can’t decide, heads or tails.

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