Dock 86

Shopping can be a dangerous thing.

At the beginning of the year I sort of made a resolution to be more fiscally conservative. Which sort of got blown out of the water by “new car fever”.

Anyway, this past weekend I went out errand running with Kyle and my goal was to find a full length mirror for my bedroom.

(Every fag needs a full length mirror, no?)

So, I had every intention of getting a mirror— and bought a rug instead.


I had been hating the cheap carpet I had in my bedroom for quite some time. And when I saw this at Dock 86, I kinda just had to have it.

It ties in all the greys and whites in my bedroom and living room, yet also works with the blue tones.

Me likey.

Here’s another angle of it, looking out to my living room and the black shades in the bedroom:


Looks decent, huh?

Might I just say, while Dock 86 may have some tragique furniture choices, they have a killer rug section. And good deals.

This rug feels so nice on my feet and Miss Phoebe loves the way it feels on her back when she’s playing and stretching out.

Now, about that mirror…. Any suggestions?


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13 Responses to Dock 86

  1. Two Question: 1) Who’s the naked guy on the wall below Flash Gordon? 2) Is that really a furry chandelier?! You’re quite fabulous!

    • cb says:

      I was wondering if anyone was going to blow up the pic and see that!

      That’s Sam Jones’s Playgirl photo– and he played Flash Gordon in the 1980 movie. That whole wall is Flash stuff.

      And the light fixture is actually shards of milk jugs. A woman cuts all the pieces into triangles, and then attaches them to a recycled kitty litter container. Quite a cool effect.

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    You really do have a very cool pad, CB. You have done a marvelous job decorating it.

  3. I love your tasteful decorating! miss phoebe seems quite content on the bed, just like my cat kids.

  4. JimA says:

    It looks like you caught Phoebe in the middle of something in the first pic!
    OH… and I like the rug. a lot!

  5. Gii says:

    I was scolded by my friends when I attempted to use a floating rug. Queens can be so harsh when it comes to decorating.

  6. Daniel says:

    The full length mirror they sell at IKEA for just under $100 is incredibly solid, and it could probably painted in the style of your new bed to create a more unique piece.

  7. Peter Maria says:

    Really cheap full-length mirrors can be had at Target, etc. Put it on the inside of your closet door (I’m assuming that you keep the physical closet door closed, like decent people should) and no one will know you’re cheap. I also wondered about your light fixture; thought it might be feathers. In any case it must be a b***h to keep clean, but looks great.

    • cb says:

      The Problem with putting it inside my closet door is that my closet opens inward. To look at myself in the mirror I would have to walk in the closet and close the door. However, you have given me an excellent idea. Perhaps I can hang an ornate one on the outside of my door, and it can double as a sex mirror!!

  8. Call a glass company and have a mirror cut to the size you want it. It costs about as half as much as what you’ll pay at any retailer, and then you can make your own frame to your choosing as well.

    And that rug…. it’ll be easy to hide the stains. 😉

  9. brettcajun says:

    Is that bed mattress comfy?

  10. doug says:

    find an artists easle and an ornate mirror…when you look in the mirror you are art

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