More Answers!

Would you ever wear a kilt… and wear it properly?

I have worn a kilt, if a utilikilt counts. And by “properly” I am assuming you mean at or just slightly below the knee? So yes. *wink*

Have you ever been to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival?

I have. But only once, and that was back when I was about 12. I really should go back. I was quite fond of the sword dueler show “Puke & Snot”.

You don’t need to name names… but have you done ‘it’ with another blogger? More than one?

Yes. And more than one. More than two actually….

What was your favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?

Probably the trip my family took to New Zealand (and Sydney). It was full of so many amazing moments and scenery– it would be hard to top it.

Have you ever been to Dallas?

Only to the airport, and I think that was enough.

What’s on your pizza?

I will eat just about anything on a pizza and in any combination. I do tend to favor pizza’s with lots of toppings. I mean, why be boring and just get sausage and mushroom when you can get bacon and goat cheese and shallots and sum dried tomatoes and…

Suppose you rub a lamp, an obviously evil genie pops out, and demands you make a wish. What is your wish?

For him to cure HIV/AIDS around the globe.

Do you follow any webcomics?

Not sure what those are. Are there any gay/sexy ones? To be honest, I’ve never much gotten into comic books or graphic novels.

The aliens have landed square in the middle of your morning commute. What do you say to them?

Please take me with you; I want to explore the universe. You can even probe me if you want….

What would you personally recommend a visitor to your area see or do?

That’s difficult. There isn’t much in the way of iconic landmarks here. But I’d say the Stonearch Bridge so you can see the Mississippi and the waterfall and downtown. And then the lakes (Calhoun and Isles) in the summer. Oh and maybe take in a play at the Guthrie theater.

What music are you into?

I am very invested in music as an art form, So I find value in most music types/genres. Whatever catches my ear I download and listen to: classical, country, hop hop, alternative, pop…

What music genres can you live without?

Oh, every genre is valid to some degree. I tend not to listen to older country/bluegrass music. Or zydeco. Or much klezmer. And there is very little straight up Rap that I enjoy.

Ever done any foreign travel and to where? Compare and contrast the country to the USA.

I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, France, Belgium,Switzerland, England, New Zealand, Australia, Grenada, Poland, Germany…

My biggest take-away from foreign travel is that Americans are loud. And grotesque. But with very white teeth.

Seriously, I have learned to speak more softly and carry myself differently when traveling abroad. And boy can you pick out other Americans! We’re embarrassing.

But we’re better than Japanese tourists. They are straight up assholes. (Not joking).

Describe your dream guy (in detail).

Bradley Cooper.

But seriously, my dream guy is someone who I find decently attractive who can make me laugh a lot. That’s it.

Bonus features include having a big penis and liking to top. And putting up with (yet also calling me out on) my bullshit.

About cb

Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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3 Responses to More Answers!

  1. OMB, “puke and snot”! I met them in person several times at the MD Ren Fest. I’d fuck both of those MN natives!

    you KNOW bradley cooper is a philly boy, right? 🙂

  2. JimA says:

    Yes a utilikilt counts. And if it was past your knees I’ll call you a ‘bragger’
    “puke & snot” are still around… the ren fairs are very gay-friendly

    • cb says:

      You were not very specific about what you meant by wearing the kilt correctly. I assumed you meant hem line. 😉

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