Winter Blahs

I have a bad case of the Winter Blahs (not to be confused with S.A.D. Or the doldrums).

This is admittedly a bit unusual for mid-March. Usually the Blahs hit in January when the days are cold and short and all the holidays are over until Memorial Day.


Yesterday it snowed here. And then the wind picked up and howled all night. It is still howling a bit, actually.

This morning on the drive into work, Vince’s thermometer said it was 8F– but with lovely sub-zero windchill. My face hurt while getting from my car to my office.

Fuck. This. Shit.

The “first day of spring” is 3 goddamn days away. Yet here’s our forecast:



Yes, I get that I live in Minnesota. And yes, I should expect a delayed spring. It’s all part and parcel of living in “The North”.

But last year? It was 78 on St Patricks day and we had 6 days above 60 in March. Of course that’s very unusual and totally fucked up the trees which then suffered when April turned freezing cold and miserable.

Ah, Minnesota, you fickle cunt.

And May wasn’t much better. It was cold and rainy. Trust me. I was outside marching in it.

I’m not asking for 60’s and 70’s yet, but “average” temps would sure be nice. We are supposed to be in the 40’s and the snow and ice should be melting.

Ice fishing season officially ended at the end of February. But the Lakes show no sign of thawing anytime soon.

The Minnesota Twins home opener is on April 1st for fuck’s sake. And it might fucking snow! At the very least, the crowd will have to wear hats and motherfucking mittens.

The funny thing is, I don’t even really mind winter, and I’ve even gotten adjusted to below zero temps. I just don’t like it when winter sticks around a month or two too long.

Like two years ago (the 4th snowiest on record) when we still had snow on the ground through April and even May was cold. That was the year it was 50 on July 4th.

That just sucks.

I want the snow gone. I want some balmy days. I want to ride my bike to work and keep miles off my baby Vince. I want to go for walks at lunch.


So I’m feeling a bit Blah. Even with the longer days and stronger sunlight. It just doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to get nice out.

I’ll make a deal Ms. Nature. You can make the rest of March shitty– but can we please have a nice April and May?

Pretty please? With sugar on top?


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6 Responses to Winter Blahs

  1. truthspew says:

    We’re getting daytime temps of mid 30’s to mid 40’s though we did have a string of days where it was mid 50’s to low 60’s.

    You can feel the winds of change blowing in. We just got what I call a slushie last night. Less than an inch of snow followed by rain. Not hard to walk in but once it freezes over we’ll have a nice variable surface.

  2. superhomo says:

    Its because Michele Bachmann lives in your state. You are being punished for her stupidity.

  3. Gii says:

    Living in Pittsburgh I would get angry when it would snow in April. For me winter is done when March exits stage right. It is at that time I have the uncontrollable urge to buy plants and flowers at Lowes and grill outdoors. MN would give me the blahs too!!

  4. perhaps a change of scene from MN, a long weekend somewhere sunny would help?

    somebody should make that groundhog in western PA into roadkill; HE LIED!

  5. Rick says:

    I know that weather must be tough but it sure looks beatiful from down here. I know I get tired of 8 months of heat and humidity but that doesn’t hinder one like snow and ice can. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. You could build a large sandbox in your apartment and put in a sun lamp and listen to some crashing wave sounds….

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