Shut yer pope hole!

Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel about this whole conclave of cardinals business.

What a bunch of malarkey!

If the pope is like the president, then the cardinals are like congress– and every bit as corrupt and crooked.

They have all these rules and procedures– and then have ways of circumventing them. Like the whole bit about how they aren’t supposed to talk to each other once sequestered, but they can do the “murmurata” thing.

That’s where they can talk to each other and lobby for their choices, and campaign and shit… but only if they whisper in Latin.

Erm… Yeah.

The whole church is so damn corrupt and the leader is being chosen by the hand selected cream of the crooks!

And they’re task is basically voting on which of them is gonna be the next captain of the Exxon Valdez.

Most just want it for the power, I’d wager. That and the tiara.

And the shoes!

I think the whole voting thing is a sham, anyway. I bet they already know going on who’s gonna be America’s Next Top Pope, but they drag it out with a couple fake votes just so they can freeload off the Vatican a bit.

And indulge in those epic Cardinal orgies we all hear about.

It’s disgusting, really, because they’ve already barbecued three, perfectly good Black altar boys so far.

At least according to the ancient prophesy about the number of popes and their names, this is gonna be the last pope ever.

About time, I say.


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2 Responses to Shut yer pope hole!

  1. I just left a comment on another blog similar to this: perhaps the red-dress society is sitting in a circle jerk; the one who shoots the biggest load gets to be the new rapist/extortionist/godfather.

    the media are making a big deal about this “election”; who gives a fat fuck?

  2. If God tells the Cardinals how to vote, shouldn’t it be unanimous?

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