Better than “Snowpocalypse”

Well, it seems that we are still in the midst of a winter storm / major snow event here in the Twin Cities.

Or as I like to call it– Tuesday.

We probably have 8 to 10″ on the ground and more is falling. Meh, what you gonna do? It’s Minnesnowta.

Speaking of– I’m getting really tired of all the snow portmanteaus that crop up every time someone gets more than a dusting of the white stuff. It’s like the media falls all over themselves in a rush to create a new buzzword to increase the drama (I.e. Frankenstorm).

And while some of the mashups are amusing and semi-clever, most are just poormanteaus (see what I did there?)

Here is a list I have compiled. Find a favorite for your next winter storm, or better yet, add your own in the blog comments!

– Snowmaggedon
– Snowpocalypse
– Snowapalooza
– Blizzapalooza
– Snowicane
– Snowphoon
– Snownado
– Snowbal Warming
– Snowmania
– Blizzamania
– Snowzilla
– Snowverfield
– SnOMG!
– Snowverkill
– Snowtacular!
– Snowklahoma!
– Snowsama Bin Laden
– Snowddam Hussein
– Snowgasm
– Snowkkake
– Hiroshnowma
– Chersnowbyl
– Snownami
– Krakasnowa
– Snowlar Flare
– Snowquester
– Snow/11
– Snowlocaust

I’m quite partial to Krakasnowa. At least for this one– and because I don’t think it’s been used yet.

Either that or Flakefest 2013.


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3 Responses to Better than “Snowpocalypse”

  1. every storm here is hyped as “storm of the century”, which means “run to the grocery store and buy all the milk/bread/eggs/tp/bottled water you can carry; strip those shelves bare so we can have a story”! I gave up watching news on tv a long time ago such bullshit!.

  2. bearpupuk says:

    Flakefest 2013 sounds like a convention for dandruff sufferers

  3. wcs says:

    Here’s one storm that really pisses conservatives off: Snowbama.

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