G-6…. It’s A Hit!

I work out at a very gay gym. It’s just a Y, but it’s the downtown Y, and thus attracts all the hip, young, urban professionals.

Aka “gays”.

And metrosexuals.

Seriously, there are evenings there when I look around and think, “I think everyone in this room is a homo.”

But you never know for sure.

So, the gym turns into an adult gay version of Battleship. You can’t see the other guy’s board, but you fire off a few looks and see if you get a hit or a miss.

Anyhoo, because of the gay makeup of the clientele, it is inevitable that I end up falling in lust with the occasional fellow member.

Like Tall Paul (hit). And Fur Daddy (hit). And White Shorts (miss). And Chris Evans2 (miss). And Horsemeat (hit, and sunk!).


Right now for me, it’s “Auburn Lad”.

He has brownishy sandy hair, occasionally a reddish beard, and is cute. And when I say cute, I mean cute. Not rough or tattooed or bearded or what generally catches my eye. Just all-American, boy next door cute.

I have no idea how old he is either– could be early 30’s (God please let him at least be 30!) Definitely boyish, hence the “lad” monicker.

Of course I don’t really know if he’s gay or not. (D-7…?)

I see AL semi-frequently as our workout times appear to coincide somewhat. But I don’t see him every night, much to my dismay.

And while I do see him on the workout floor (he makes cardio go by so much faster), I seem to bump into him more in the shower/locker room area.

Normally this is a good sign, as you really have to be gay or gay-friendly to brave the wet area. It’s so damn cruisy!

I had just seen AL on Sunday– working out with a friend (boyfriend??). I may or may not have audibly “woofed” at him as we passed each other.

And then I saw him again last night. However, this time I saw him in the showers.

All of him.

He saw me walk in; I did my best not to stare. That was evidently the job of the troll showering right across from him who’s eyes never strayed north of AL’s navel.

Anyway- I found a shower as far from AL as possible (which is not that far in the shower room). After all, I didn’t want to skeeve him out.

AL always seems shy and straight in the showers (face to the wall, hands covering junk). But he has no reason to be shy.

Seriously. None whatsoever.

But last night was a bit different. He seemed to uncover more. And show his stuff a bit. And his very nice, decently muscled body.

And… Did he just make eye contact with me? In the showers??

He finished up, and I wasn’t far behind. I had to get to band rehearsal after all.

I dressed rapidly, but AL beat me. He walked by me dressed in gym shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. Did he shower before working out, or were these the clothes he was heading home in?

We made fleeting eye contact when he passed.

I finished dressing and made my way to the exit. And who did I see still at the locker room sinks, futzing around, almost as if he was… waiting?

I briefly caught his eye again as I passed.

And then I fucked up.

As I was exiting the locker room, I turned back to look at AL one more time. You know, just to see if maybe he was maybe looking at me…

… And ran smack into a guy who was just walking in.

Much embarrassment and profuse apologizing ensued.

I made a hasty exit– no more looking back– and made my way to the bank of personal item lock boxes by the front desk. This is where I keep my wallet and phone during my workouts.

I retrieved my junk, locked the box, turned around and–

AL was standing there. Evidently he was waiting to get into the lock boxes too.

“Um, hi,” I said sort of questioningly.

He didn’t say anything back.

Not hi. Not a coy smile. Not a “What’s your name?” I slunk off to my car rather dejectedly.

AL, you sank my Battleship.

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Nickname: Munt Measurements: 45 B, 34, 38(?) Ambition: to be the best human ever! Turn ons: long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, porn, rainbows, cock Turn offs: bad smell face, men who are full of themselves, dead puppies, popcorn, sadness
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5 Responses to G-6…. It’s A Hit!

  1. Chip says:

    I wish I had your self confidence. Seriously.

  2. truthspew says:

    Oh gyms are cruisy in general. I can recall back in the day I got cruised quite a bit in Bally’s of all places. Never took up a lot of them on their offers though. I thought it kind of tacky to fuck around there at the gym.

  3. pjwyckoff says:

    He’s interested, just give him time, nod when you see him from afar and just say hi when close, and BTW I always thought it was the cutest thing when some guy would bump into something cause he was giving me a look.

  4. I bet he says HI to you next time! he might be shy.

  5. At least you can kinda tell if someone is gay. *sheesh* Some of us didn’t get that ability.

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