A New Era

So, I believe I found a replacement for the Bose:


Allow me to introduce the Sangean WR-2.

First of all, let me say that there is a real gap in the clock radio market. There is a wealth of cheap, crappy digital alarm clocks out there. And then there seems to be nothing until you get to boutique, hi end frou-frou receivers.

Unless you count all the iCraig, iCrosley, and iEmerson iPod dock radios. (Yuck.)

So my search was rather extensive and took me to some interesting, yet unviable options that appeared to only be available in select European countries.

Fuck you, Dutchlandia!

For “table top radios” as evidently they are properly called, the Tivoli products were quite highly recommended.

Except as a clock radio. Evidently they put all their resources into making an awesome sounding radio– and then just shit out an add-on clock/alarm.

But through all my searches, the Sangean products kept cropping up again and again. And they appeared to earn high marks across the board from reviewers and users.

The one drawback, it seems, is that the alarm features are a bit convoluted and not intuitive.

But I get up at the same time every day, so it won’t require constant resetting. And if learning a 4-button combo to change an alarm is the worst of it, I think I can deal.


Sort of retro, sort of modern. Walnut cabinet. Reportedly quite solid. And also a very large sound by all accounts.

My Sangean should arrive on Wednesday, and with any luck, I’ll be waking up to morning DJs again by Thursday.


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5 Responses to A New Era

  1. justajeepguy says:

    Is there a snooze button? Style wise I like this just a bit less then the Tivoli but you prove once again that perseverance pays off.

    Hey – is it cold enough for ya today???

    • cb says:

      I did. But first of all, they cost like 350-499 dollars. Second, they got rid of all the buttons and work solely by remote, and me no likey that.

  2. Chip says:

    Did you consider getting another Bose ?

  3. Rick says:

    Me no wake up to radio just keep sleeping. Nice look but damn look at all those buttons. I want less complications please. Looking forward to seeing how it sounds, I mean, looks beside your bed.

  4. Cubby says:

    That is one beautiful radio!

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