Where I work is a Union facility and the new 3-year contract was being voted on this past Saturday.

If the contract had been rejected, the workers would have gone on strike and I’d be preparing to run manufacturing equipment today.

Me. Running equipment?? But I might break a nail!

As it turns out, they accepted the contract so it’s business as usual. Phew!

We really have a good relationship with the Union, and things looked pretty positive on Friday, but you never know. They have gone on strike before– as recently as 7 years ago. So….

Perhaps one of the deciding factors was this:



It would seriously suck to have to picket outside the factory in temps like this!

And it isn’t just -7. It’s -7 with a 10+ mph wind. It’s so goddamn cold outside!

The kind of cold that when the wind strikes your face, it makes your face feel like it’s going to crack and fall off.

It actually hurts, like a headache. But on your skin.

We only have a couple days of this to suffer, and then it’s supposed to warm up to 30 by the weekend. Which will feel downright balmy!

I mean, a 40 degree temperature swing that gets us to just slightly below freezing.



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5 Responses to Strike/Face

  1. truthspew says:

    Our lowest is going to come on Wednesday night, 8F. The fucking jet stream had better move northward instead of dragging arctic air down to our latitude.

  2. Gk says:

    Glad i’m in N.C.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    I keep telling you that you need to get out of Mnpls and move somewhere below the Mason Dixon line.

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