And so it begins…

Another season if Drum Corps.

Last night was the open house and first rehearsal that kicked off the 2013 Minnesota Brass season.

It stirred many mixed emotions.

It was good to see everyone again (or at least those that returned), and I had fun chatting with folks that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

The atmosphere was bubbly and one of general fun and excitement. But it seemed like I was being ignored and/or avoided by the staff. No staff greeted me or shook my hand or slapped my back, shared a joke, etc.

It was a little disconcerting.

The first night is always fraught with craziness and chaos, and there is so much to get through and so many new faces…. so maybe that was it.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been sort of cagey about whether or not I was really going to march again this season which has made them standoffish.

But whatever the reason, it felt… different. Noticeable. And after basically being snubbed at the awards banquet after performing the thankless job of Horn Sergeant….

*shakes it off*

I did enjoy playing in a brass line again. Loudly. That is perhaps my favorite thing in the world to do after all.

We played some stuff from last year, and then read through the Intro for this year’s show…

Which was a bit of a surprise.

The show concept for this season is called “Primal”. It’s a descent from prim n proper to primal emotion and energy. Music from De Falla, Ginastera, Stravinsky, and some others.

No Led Zepplin. No Lady Gaga. No jarring disparity of genres and styles. Just symphonic power.

And church hymns.

Yes, our intro is “A Mighty Fortress”. A good ol’ Lutheran hymn. Very straight forward and church organ powerful.

This hymn melody will thread through the entire program, but become more distorted and angular as the show progresses.

I love church music, and I love bastardized and altered church music even more!

And I gotta say, the arrangement is pretty effin’ cool– with the end being sustaining screaming trumpets and big, powerful low brass chords underneath resolving into a face-ripping major chord.

Could be quite a slap-yo-face attention-getter come finals.

So, I’ll show up next Wednesday, see what level of attrition we have, and check out how things go in a more structured and settled environment.


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4 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. Partick says:

    I thought that last year was going to be your last. What happened?

  2. Chip says:

    I hope last year was NOT your last. You always enjoy participating, and your posts tend to reflect that.

  3. Cubby says:

    Maybe your corps should start working now at pressuring the powers that be to get some unbiased people to judge the championship. Last season it was a disgrace that most (or all?) of the judges were alumni of the corps they judged to be winner. Can you say “rigged”?

    I watched the Rose Parade this year as always, and wondered if MB is eligible to march in it, and if they would even want to. Has MB ever considered it?

  4. Northwest Ohio Native says:

    We’ve got casinos now in Ohio so the charity bingo games have been taking a hit. Our local group is one of those supported by bingo and will not be competing this year due to lack of funds. So far, anyway……

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