Murder, by Death

Does anyone remember this movie?


It was a spoof on all those detective/murder she wrote type movies. I remember quite enjoying it as a youngster.

Anyway, this is so not the purpose for this blog post, but it sort of provides a segue.

I had the most bizarre and vivid dream last night where I was a sleuth and trying to solve a murder mystery.

I really wish I could remember the details, but they vanished in the morning light as most dreams do.

Part of what I do recall is that I wasn’t scared at all, even though I think the killer was targeting me next. It was more about being determined to solve the crime than fearing for my safety.

I woke up like at 5:30 am (mid-dream) and everything was so clear and real. I couldn’t wait to get back into it!

Man, I wish I could remember it better. I have this feeling it would have made a spectacular novel.

Or B Movie.


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6 Responses to Murder, by Death

  1. dbb says:

    Usually when that happens to me I am having one of those “ahem” adult dreams.

  2. truthspew says:

    Yes I remember the movie. Much superior to that Clue idiocy. I wish Netflix would get in the instant queue though.

  3. I love this movie. I actually own it. Funny flick. Maggie Smith is in it.

  4. Rick says:

    I used to keep a digital recorder by my bed to record such dreams the first thing in the morning. Then I would listen later and think I must have been high.

  5. Blobby says:

    one of the best movies ever! I always talk about it and use the name Lionel Twain often….along w his comments to Charlie Chang: “use your g-ddamn pronouns!”

  6. I’ll have to add that to my Netflix queue. Seems like all you old people liked it. 😉

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