Repo Games

Sometimes having too much free time can lead to interesting discoveries.

Take New Years Eve for example.

Because I got home fairly early, I vegged out and watched some SpikeTV. Return of the Jedi was on (yes, the fucked up Lucasized version). And then immediately after this “game show” came on.

Repo Games.

The term “game show” here is sort of inaccurate. It’s more like turning the repossession of someone’s car into even more of a spectacle by offering them the chance to win it back.

By answering trivia questions.

I was disturbingly fascinated by watching these down and out people coerced into a real life jeopardy scenario. 3 out of 5 questions correct and you win your car- free and clear.

3 or more incorrect answers and Buh-bye car.

It was deliciously sadistic.

But the whole purpose of this post was not to focus on the show itself, but on the host.

Tom DeTone.


Hole. Lee. Shit.

This dude is a mountain of a man. Huge guns. Shoulders for days. And he’s tall. A very imposing figure.

But he has a grin and his eyes crinkle and you can tell he’s actually a nice guy. A smartass with a good sense of humor.


And the women on the show get him to blush sometimes and it’s just so doggone cute seeing this hulk all sorta shy.

Le sigh.

Seriously, his pics don’t do him justice. You need to hear his voice and see him smile. He’s very charismatic.

I mean, he actually gets people to play a trivia game to save their P.O.S. transportation.


You should check him the show out sometime.


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6 Responses to Repo Games

  1. bearhunterfl says:

    That’s a pretty sexy daddy…..I might have to offer an alternative “favor” in lieu of answering Trivia Questions to get my car back ….

  2. Nella says:

    He just looks like a white Mr T to me.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Never heard of this reality/game show but you can bet I’ll look for now that I’ve seen this hunky dude!!

  4. Mark says:

    Ha ha!! I Google imaged him and two of your pictures showed up among his!!!!!! Nice!!!

  5. JimA says:

    I bet you want to have his butt babies!

  6. I wish he didn’t color his beard all the time. I like the gray on him.

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