Moment of Zen

I do my best to avoid the “Hollidazzle Parade” in downtown Minneapolis. But they hold it every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

So it’s impossible to totally avoid.

And while I’m sure it’s a “fun family event” to go watch the festively lit floats, do we have to have like 12 of them?


The other night I was on my way home and was caught by the post-parade parade of floats returning to their storage area.

The combination of the unlit floats blocking traffic, along with Debussy’s La Cathedral Engloutie (which just randomly played on my iPod) I found oddly beautiful.

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2 Responses to Moment of Zen

  1. R.B. says:

    The train made me think of “Christmas Train” on the Genuine Houserockin’ Christmas disc. I went searching for a link and am happy to see that tune is a free download for awhile from Amazon.

  2. Partick says:

    Nice moment.
    I personally liked the somewhat out of rhythm turn indicator.

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