Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Muffins

Well, Israel finds itself in the middle of a Middle East brouhaha.


And I just have to say: I’m getting really tired of it.

Do I support Israel’s right to be a nation? Absolutely.

Do I support Palestine’s right to be a nation-state thingy? Absolutely.

Do I think Israel and Palestine are behaving like two rotten children fighting over a sandbox?


How many world leaders have tried to broker a lasting peace? How many other nations have been pulled into this struggle? All with no end in sight.

One of the most telling facts I read yesterday involved the people of Israel and their support of the recent hostility.

Something like 78% supported continued rocket strikes on the Gaza Strip. Less than half wanted a ground incursion. And only 19% thought their government should work toward a peaceful resolution.

19 percent.

And there you have it. The crux of the matter.

There will be no peace because the people don’t want it. At least over 80% don’t. Which makes them willing participants in my eyes.

Aka “fair game”.

So I say let ’em duke it out. Let them bomb the shit out of each other and kill lots of civilians. Wound lots and lots of women and children.

It’s great propaganda, after all.

Let them turn Tel Aviv into a war zone and the Gaza Strip into a crater. While the world forms a ring around the playground to watch.

I know that sounds callous, but maybe when the human cost of the war gets high enough, both sides will reconsider peace.

Until then? I’m sorta done caring about them.

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3 Responses to Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Muffins

  1. truthspew says:

    The thing is, left to it’s own devices Israel is more than capable of wiping Gaza off the map. What really needs to happen is a neutral force needs to keep the peace. I’m thinking U.N. troops here.

  2. Partick says:

    I’m completely in line with your perspective on every single point. Until they (both sides) want it to stop we (the rest of the “civilized” world) should just wall it all off and wait. Israel has always portrayed themselves as the defender against an irrational offense. If they overplay their hand and truly “wipe Gaza off the map” they will have lost the ability to evoke sympathy from the rest of us. They would just look like the heavily armed bully. Thus the never ending cycle of small (yet deadly) skirmishes followed by brief periods of “peace”. I’m bored with it. Let me know when the cycle is broken and then I’ll care.

  3. They’ve been “fighting” for how many thousands of years? If they were really serious about it, someone would have “won” by now.

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