I saw Madonna in concert on Saturday. It was really a good show!

I’ve never seen Madge in person, but I have seen videos of a couple of get concerts. And I’ve always liked her shows.

I enjoy the theatrics. And this show had plenty.

But first– part of the fun foe me was checking out the crowd. It was mainly comprised of gays and middle aged women. Women dressed… How shall I put this?

I think Nina Garcia said it best: wearing clothes that are tight, shiny, and short is the quickest way to look cheap.

It was positively dollar general.

Some of what I saw:



If it wasn’t back tattoos, it was sagging cone bras. Oh well.

Then Madonna took the stage, and “Spectacular, Spectacular” began.





My favorite bits were:

– opening chant into Girl Gone Wild
– Express Yourself/Born This Way with the Drum Majorettes and the floating snare drummers
– Give me all your Lovin’
– Vogue
– Open Your Heart (cool new version with world beat percussion)
– Like a Virgin (sad blues waltz treatment)
– I’m a Sinner/Cyber-Raga
-Turn Up The Radio

The multi-tier moving stage and the LED wall were excellent. As we’re the contortionist dancers.

Creepily contortiony.

The show was wonderfully choreographed and fascinating to watch.

Madonna also did her political spiel, and thankfully I only heard one or two boos.

And when she talked about Voting No- the place erupted in cheers louder than I heard it all night.

I will say (and if The Lisp is reading, I give him credit for this), during Like a Virgin, I was moved to yell “I LOVE YOU MADONNA!” During a quiet moment.

I think she heard. I think most of the arena heard.

I think Kyle was mortified.

But I had fun, and that’s what counts. Totally worth the price of admission.



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4 Responses to MDNA

  1. KDNA says:

    yeah baby! glad you liked the show!

  2. Dirk says:

    The first concert The Fella and I saw together was a Madonna concert. Definitely worth the money.

  3. ooooooooooooh, what ugly broads in the audience! glad you had a good time!

  4. Rick says:

    So many women in the audience, and I don’t no why that surprises me. Glad you got to see her. I would have liked to of seen the Truth or Dare concert but…

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