We had our drum corps “end of the year” banquet this past Friday.

It was okay.

I got dolled up and wore an orange bow tie (real one, tied it myself) and had a good time seeing folks I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Of course it was also the night for awards– for those rookies and vets who deserved special recognition for their service throughout the past year. An your’s truly won (drum roll please)….


Bubkus. Zilch.

I gotta be honest here. I’m a bit bitter about it.

I feel like I took the role of horn sergeant to a new level and really poured my heart and soul into the corps.

And I barely got acknowledged for my efforts.

I wanted hardware, damnit!

And then some of the people who did get awards? Whaaaa? Really?


Of course, this sort of fed into my whole “I’m 99.8% certain I’m not marching next year) decision.

And then they announced the show concept for next season.


The overall concept is to start all “buttoned up” and constrained, and then as the show goes on, it spirals down into wild emotion an savagery.

Complete with rending of garments, etc.

Music not fully selected but from some of the initially proposed pieces, it will be dark, symphonic stuff.

Damn it. Sounds like it could be a fucking cool show to perform.

Double grrrrrr.

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3 Responses to Banquet

  1. Jeff says:

    Sorry for the non-awards….but I love seeing you growl

  2. So you’re going to do Ke$ha?

  3. Chip says:

    Do it. You always love it, and your blog shows that.

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