Crazy Random Happenstance


I’m flying to Cleveland this past Friday as a jumping off point to Sandusky, Ohio for a weekend of roller coasters and frivolity with some old friends.

The first leg of my journey takes me to Chicago O’Hare, where I have a brief layover before flying on to Cleveland.

As I’m sitting at the gate and reading my iPad, I got this feeling that someone was watching me. You know when you can sometimes actually sense that someone staring at you?

Well, this makes me look up, and who should be standing in front of me at the gate staring at me like I have a third eye is none other than Blobby! From Blobby’s Blog!


No fuckin’ way!

I mean, I knew he lived in Cleveland, but to bump into each other while traveling through Chicago on the same airline at the same time???

He was actually at my gate to see if he could get on the standby lis for an earlier flight.

The funny thing is that we had never before met in person– only electronically. Which totally adds to the randomness.

Here’s a pic as proof:


I’m looking rather incredulously at the whole happenstance.

Blobby ended up getting on my flight, and we even manipulated it so we could sit next to each other and chat.

It was a very nice and unexpected bonus to my weekend!

Here’s a much nicer pic that Blobby took of us:


Who would have think it?

Oh, and btw. He’s actually a nice guy and not at all the bitch y’all make him out to be.

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7 Responses to Crazy Random Happenstance

  1. Tony says:

    The two of you combined….

  2. So much trouble. Thank goodness the TSA is around. 😉

  3. Cubby says:

    All you two needed was a Republican Senator and a dead hooker and you’d have had a party!

  4. Rick says:

    I’m a people watcher so I think I would recognize you as well at the airport. That would be freaky. You both have great smiles. Must be all the protein in the water up yonder.

  5. Blobby says:

    I wasn’t “watching” you. That makes me sound creepy. I looked over and tried to make sure who i thought I saw, I actually saw. …and I did.

  6. Blobby says:

    …and btw, I love the Dr. Horrible line for the title.

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