Neighbor Sex

And I don’t mean sex with my down the hall neighbor, either. He actually moved.

*Le Sigh*

No, I mean I actually heard one of my neighbors having sex last night. It was kind of awesome.

And kind of humorous.

It was my upstairs neighbor actually. Which is ironic since I can hear the bedroom wall-sharing neighbor’s alarm, but never have heard any headboard bangin’.

But last night it’s like 10:30 and I’m reading in bed with Miss Phoebe curled up next to me, when I start to hear a faint noise.

At first I dismissed it as another of the assorted “water through pipes” noises. Or something. It barely registered in my consciousness.

But the noise became more insistent.

And more noticeable.

To the point where I started to wonder what it was. Someone shuffling around loudly upstairs? Moving something? I seriously couldn’t make it out.

Then the noise got VERY insistent. And. rhythmic. And FAST.

And then I heard a female voice crescendoing– oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!

Then there was a male “UuuunnnnnggggHHHHH– UHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

And then silence.

It’s kinda hot to hear a straight dude orgasm deep in a cooch.

The humorous part came courtesy of Miss Phoebe.

When the noise became very insistent, she stopped her grooming and started staring up at my ceiling in a curious manner.

And when they finished, she looked at me, and it was almost as if she shrugged.

Then she went back to grooming herself.

All of this did make me wonder exactly how much my downstairs and/or next door neighbors have heard.

Because I know there’s been a few times….



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2 Responses to Neighbor Sex

  1. many years ago, I once heard my downstairs apt. neighbor fucking her boyfriend. you could tell he was getting ready to squirt, because he kept saying “oh cathy, oh CATHY, OHCATHYOHCATHYOCAAAAATTTTTHHHHHYYYYY!” and yes, to my 24 y.o. mind, it was HAWT! and I was jealous, cause I didn’t have a man in my life.

  2. truthspew says:

    I’ve lived in complexes where you heard just about everything. So I was sure to make my own noise. It’s all part of city living.

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