My first experience with true Chicago style pizza was at a restaurant in Evanston called “Giordano’s”.


It was like an orgy in my mouth and everybody was cumming.

My mother had driven me to Northwestern for a campus visit and after a long day of tours, interviews, etc we were hungry.

We asked someone where a good pizza place was and were instantly directed to Giordano’s.

I remember we ordered the Chicago Classic (the same pizza as pictured), and then settled in to wait the required 50 minutes for it to bake.

At the 30 minute mark we were seriously eyeing the table itself as a potential source of sustenance.

By 40 we were contemplating cannibalism.

But then this golden-crusted, ruby-sauced, cheese-oozing manna was delivered to our table.

Mother and I were transfigured.

Whether it was our extreme hunger or the general deliciousness of chicago deep dish pizza (or both), we both exclaimed that we had never tasted pizza that good.


Especially the crust.

To this day if you mention Giordano’s I’m front of my mother, she will instantly wax rhapsodic about that first true Pizza Experience we shared in Evanston.

Since then I’ve tried many Chicago Pizza places (Carmen’s, Pizzaria UNO, Gino’s East, Davanni’s, etc) and while they are all good, Giordano’s was always special.

So, I find myself in Chicago for work this week, and as luck would have it, there was a Giordano’s about a mile up Cicero Avenue from my hotel.

Naturally I hadto go. After all, it had been over a decade since I’d had big G in my mouth.

So I went last night for dinner. Had a couple Goose Island Honker Ales an waited for my Chicago Classic.

I am pleased to report it was as good as ever. And the crust??

My god.



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7 Responses to Giordano’s

  1. Dude ain’t lyin’ y’all!

    Giordano’s pizza is the best food I’ve ever tasted. In fact, I once flew to Chicago’s Midway Airport, took the Orange Line into the loop and walked for blocks and blocks with my luggage to have a slice. It was worth it!

    (FYI: Friends with lots of cash and dry ice can actually FedEx one to you if you beg long and loud enough!)

    Great post!

  2. That looks tasty. We don’t have any good Chicago-style pizza places here. 😦

  3. Guy Allen says:

    I live close enough we have Uno in the freezer dept of my local grocer, I’ve never had Giordanos though.

  4. a red top (as we call them round here)!

    been to chi-town many times and have never had a chicagoland pizza; and I don’t count uno’s (fucking chain) – we have uno’s here, but I would rather go to a mom-n-pop local place for a good pizza.

  5. Rick says:

    I want to say, “where’s the beef” but it does look good. I’ve never had a Chi town pizza. In fact it’s been a few years since I had pizza of any kind. Thanks a lot for putting that on my mind as I start the day. 😉 I’m glad it brings back fond memories for you.

  6. David says:

    yum! that is the best pizza…

  7. dbb says:

    Welcome to the windy city, if you get the chance, try a Lou Malnati’s pizza. they are a local chain with a fresh taste.

    Also, there is a place, Chicago’s Pizza, that delivers that makes incredible pizza.

    Howlong is your stay with us?

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