Selling My Childhood

The first series of my toys have been listed on eBay, and there are some bids.

I am currently selling my old Tonka trucks– you know, from back in the day when the things were metal and virtually indestructible.

Here are pics of my first three items:




Part of me is sorry to see them go because they were my toys and I did love playing with them.

Especially the Winnebago.

Shit, I rode that sucker everywhere. I straddled the top and scooted all around the house on it.

And dented the front grill by repeatedly ramming into things.

Naturally the house was carpet, which made riding tough. But the kitchen was linoleum- and to this day I remember the clunk-clunk as I popped down over the metal threshold and the whirrrrr of the wheels on the smooth surface.

Good times.

The crane was also fun– but the hoist cord got tangled up in the lift mechanism early on, so I stopped playing with it.

But I took the thing apart in later years and fixed it, but playing with it at that point had lost its allure.

Now the Fifth wheeler camper I didn’t much play with– other than as a giant transport for my matchbox cars.

However, there are no others of these on eBay and it has the most watchers. So we’ll see how it comes out.

If these auctions go well, next up will be a slightly abused Millenium Falcon and a decent X Wing fighter.


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6 Responses to Selling My Childhood

  1. Chip says:

    Yikes !! Are you sure you want to sell these? How I wish my father had not thrown away my childhood toys while cleaning out the basement…..

    • cb says:

      Yeah. What am I going to do with them? I don’t have room to store them and I don’t play with them, so…

      I’m keeping one or two smaller items as interesting shelf display things.

  2. those items are in great shape; hope you see a stipend!

  3. brettcajun says:

    I always took you for playing with barbie dolls… considering… 😉

  4. Please tell me somewhere in the collection are some original Transformers!

  5. Rick says:

    Family and friends have ask me recently “what’s up with you sending all these old photos to us” which I reply that I’m decluttering my home etc. So what’s your deal CB? Why get rid of your toys now? Your still a young man and you could display them in your artsy condo. Hell you might have children yet???????
    You were more of a man than me as a child-where’s the Easy Bake Oven, Snowcone machine, and all the dishes that I had as a kid? 🙂

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