Shitty Monday Night Football

I like watching football. Both collegiate and Pro.

I mostly watch for the homoeroticism of it. Modern day gladiators, beating each other up while in “armor” and skin tight pants. The exaggerated hypermasculinity of it all.


Last night’s game was a travesty, though. The replacement referees are blowing major calls, and because of three bad calls in a row at the end of the game, the referees basically handed the game to the Seahawks.

When the Packers clearly won.

It was so blatantly obvious that the refs fucked up that the commentators were stunned into uncharacteristic silence.

Poor Green Bay.

I bet they need some major consoling today– especially Jordy Nelson.


So cute!



He just happens to be a “wide receiver” too.


I would like to volunteer my consoling services. Perhaps something like this?


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1 Response to Shitty Monday Night Football

  1. cm says:

    and he is a “Packer”

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