iPhone 5 Review

I’ve had the new iPhone 5 for a few days, so I think this would be a good time for a user review.

In one sentence? It’s better than the 4, but its not earth-shattering.


If I had the 4S model and got the OS 6 updates, I think I would’ve been perfectly happy without the latest upgrade.

The iPhone 5 is lighter than my previous phone (the 4), and quite noticeably faster. The speed is nice– images, text, web pages all load faster, emails send more quickly, etc.

The display is gorgeous and crisp. But that’s nothing new.

And yeah, the screen is bigger, but really not that much bigger. Truthfully, the new aspect ratio of the phone almost makes it feel a tad awkward in the hand. Like there should be more width too.

I gotta say- I have shunned going to a fifth row of icons. In fact I am only using 4 because 5 just made the home screen look too cluttered an confusing.


The phone, as with all apple products, feels solid and very high quality, and the thinness is really quite elegant. But the lightness makes the phone feel a touch fragile. (Side note: I really need to get a case to diminish my paranoia.)

I will say, I absolutely love Siri. And the talking to text feature. I’m having loads of fun with both. (I have Siri calling me “Girlfriend”.)

As far as the Maps debacle, ugh. The maps looks pretty much like google maps, but evidently errors abound. I haven’t seen any plotting errors yet, but….

I actually found a different error when looking for the AT&T store where I bought my phone. I did a map search, found the address, called the phone number listed for the store— and it was the wrong number!


Now if the previous maps app had been Microsoft or adobe-based, I’d give Apple a pass. But what’s the beef with Google?? They have an awesome, proven maps application– why mot figure out a way to work with them??

Bad choice, Apple. Bad.

As far as the camera goes, I haven’t played very much with it, but I am looking forward to it. Here’s a pic I took this weekend in Des Moines at the international food festival:


The only other wibbly thing is the damn new plug. I just have to remember to cart it around now until I get an adapter for charging, etc.

So, bottom line: I’m glad I upgraded because the features and speed are much improved over my 4. But if I was a 4S owner, I think I’d be feeling disappointed about now.

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4 Responses to iPhone 5 Review

  1. Dave2 says:

    I don’t know that I would’ve “disappointed”… but I do think I would wait for the 5S before upgrading from the 4S… that two-year contract is a long time for something that isn’t a huge leap over what you’ve already got!! Overall I love the 5. It’s fast enough to handle a lot of innovation over the two years I’ll own it.

  2. Chip says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, so when the opportunity presents itself, I will probably get an iPhone 5. How I wish I bought Apple stock when it was selling for under five dollars a share. I wonder if I will have to update my Mac to a new OS, (I have OSx, 10.6.8) to make it compatible with all of the features of IOS 6?

    Can you download the googlemaps app and make it work on the new iPhone?

  3. KDNA says:

    So what you’re saying is, I don’t have to accidentally drop my 4S into the terlet or butterfinger it off a bridge.

  4. Sam says:

    Yea, I got the 5 after the horrible year with the Samsung. Granted the 5 is not earth shattering but I am just happy to be back in my apple happy place.

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