Silver Sweep

To end the suspense: we came in second.


Actually, everything from Minnesota came in second this year, so it was a true sweep. This includes Minne Brass, the Govenaires (from St Peter) and us.

We also got second in drums and horns. I must admit being the second best horn line after winning high brass the past two years does sting a bit.


*** Bitter Betty ON ***

We knew we were a bit fucked going in, as the judging panel for Prelims was 2/3’s comprised of Buccaneer alumni.

And the scores reflected it.

After a blisteringly awesome Prelims performance by us, and a less than perfect one from the Bucs, we were scored 2.7 points down.

An impossible margin to overcome.

So we threw down an even better finals performance. Which didn’t affect the placements at all but felt really damn good.

I honestly don’t care that we got second. Being second is damn good, especially since The Buccaneers are top notch and incredibly clean. I can understand the judges having them in first.

And after maximizing our show and throwing down our two best performances of the season, we have absolutely no regrets.

But I do disagree with the scoring margin between us and them. It should have been much closer. And that’s the only thing I’m bitter about.

The DVD’s will highlight the scoring discrepancy. And I guarantee our show will be the best 2nd place DCA show anyone had ever seen.

*** Bitter Betty OFF ***


I am so incredibly proud of Minnesota Brass and the show we did this year! By far the best show, best hornline, and best percussion we’ve ever had. Our staff assured us that we had set yet another level of excellence for the organization.

And our Alumni was blown away– even folks that had marched last year said it was the best Brass show they’d ever seen.

After our finals performance there were many hugs and tears and more hugs and smiles and more tears. It was pretty amazing.

And our Prelims performance will be one of my fondest memories for years to come. More on that tomorrow.

Now I can’t wait for the CD recordings and DVDs. Because Bonnie & Clyde is a show that I’m going to want to watch and listen to for a long time.

I’m already starting to go through drum corps withdrawal.



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5 Responses to Silver Sweep

  1. YAYZ for silver medals! and such a handsome man in uniform in the last pix…

  2. javabear says:

    Congratulations on a program well done. Good for you!

  3. Rick says:

    Good for you and you look good in royal blue!

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