More like “choke-oni”.

Yes, I succumbed to the marketing blitz waged during the Olympics and bought some Chobani to try.

You know… Chobani. That hometown USA company, wholesome Greek yogurt stuff.


And… well… Let’s just say that from now on, if I want something creamy and Greek in my mouth, it’s gonna be John Stamos or nothing.

Sure, Chobani is okay as far as yogurt goes, but I wasn’t wowed. In fact, my first cup I sort of had to choke down.

I think it was the blueberry flavor.

First off, I hate it when the shit isn’t blended and you have to spend your first minute of eating time stirring it up to mix in all the flavor stuff at the bottom which never completely mixes because you can’t dig all the goodness out of the corners of the cup so the flavor ratio is skewed.


Secondly, it was much more- tart- than I was expecting. Or bitter. Or at the very least not sweet. Kind of like taking a big ol’ bite of feta and then adding a blueberry or two.

It was pretty much the opposite of Yoplait, my go-to brand.

Yeah yeah. I’m sure this Greek stuff is healthier and has less sugar and more protein and shit… But it doesn’t taste as good.

And as we all know, there’s only two reasons to put something in your mouth: because it’s gonna taste good, or to lube it up.

Perhaps they should change their slogan to “Sorta meh but at least it’s made in the US of A!”

I may try it again, but I don’t foresee it becoming a staple in my fridge.


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2 Responses to Chobani?

  1. I don’t like the texture of greek yogurt. my personal favorite is plain vanilla, a no-name brand I buy at aldi’s. john stamos…(purrs)

  2. I don’t like greek yogurt. yes, I know I’m Greek but that doesn’t say anything… I don’t like the smell of it or taste…
    however, I love the name…

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