Life of Pi

Oh god.

I had no idea they were making this into a movie.

This makes me very nervous.

Life of Pi is my #2 all time favorite novel and #2 on my “made me bawl like a baby in public” list.

The trailer looks exciting and stunning and heart wrenching and absolutely beautiful. But if it doesn’t follow the story or alters the ending of the novel in any way…

Well, I shall simply never forgive Ang Lee for it.

He wouldn’t… He couldn’t turn it into a “boy and his pet tiger buddy adventure on the high seas” flic, could he??

Because that’s SO not the story.

And that would break my heart an prove to me once and for all that Hollywood has killed cinema.

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7 Responses to Life of Pi

  1. Howard says:

    World War Z was supposed to come out the same day. Thankfully it was pushed out so I don’t have to make a choice now. 🙂

  2. josh says:

    Oh boy. Based on the trailer it looks like they may have taken some liberties. The book was such a roller coaster I’m not sure I’d be stable enough to see it played out as a movie.

  3. Raybob says:

    Just the trailer made me cry.

  4. life of pi is a favourite book of mine too. I don’t know how the movie will turn out but I am a bit worried… We’ll see….
    what’s your #1book?

  5. cb says:

    #1 is The Great Gatsby

    #1 cryfest was Les Miserables

  6. Glen Warren says:

    There are some very dark scenes in the book, especially the ending. I wonder if Ang will go there. The trailer doesn’t show any of that.

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