New Bike

Well, new to me. It is a used bike, but it’s now mine.

This past Tuesday evening I bought a replacement bike for the one that got stolen. It had been over 2 months with no word from the police, so I effectively wrote off “Blue Thundarr”.

*<€:-( clown hat curly hair frowny face

And because I learned my lesson (namely that I can't have nice things) I stared scoping out bikes as a replacement. Preferably "refurbished" ones.

My criteria:

– $350 or less
– Mountain bike style
– front shock absorber
– lighter than my old bike
– cool, vibrant color (no black)

Well, as luck would have it, there happened to be a used, canary yellow Cannondale for sale at one of our local bike establishments.


It ticked off all my criteria. Plus, it happened to be the old bike of one of the store employees. Evidently the store has stopped carrying Cannondale, and the employees got cash incentives to get different bikes.

Meaning- ditch your Cannondales for a Specialized and we’ll make it worth your while.

Secretly I’d always wanted a Cannondale– I was actually looking for one when I opted for my (soon to be stolen) Trek. It was like fate was giving me another chance.

I talked the bike store into replacing the well-worn grips, and we had a deal.

It feels so light compared to my old bike, an it rides fast and smooth. And it’s quiet! (My old bike had a host of grindy-type noises when I rode).

I rode the Cannon to work today. And no, I didn’t trust locking it up outside. It is now wedged into a stairwell here, safe from thieves.

As for my old bike? Well, there is a place not far from my condo that accepts used bikes and uses them to teach at-risk youth a repair trade.

I will be donating it on Saturday.

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3 Responses to New Bike

  1. It’s pretty. I’m partial to the yellow color of it!

  2. truthspew says:

    Yeah, the Cannondales are pretty good bikes. And not a bad price for one I might add.

    A former co-worker of mine was a big bike nut. So much so that he was the prime motivator for getting a shower room installed in our new place of work. He had this carbon fiber bike, I don’t remember the make, but it was light as a feather. He paid about $4,000 for it. And no, this one NEVER got left locked up outdoors.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Bright yellow, like your former Mini. This bike doesn’t fold like your old one, right? But its lighter so I guess that’s more important.

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