After a crazy week of rehearsals an parades and such, Minnesota Brass (the drum corps I march with) had our first Show this past Saturday evening.

We scored an 82.7.

To say we had a good first show would be underselling things a tad.

I could tell by the vibe during the performance that we brought our A-game. And it felt good!

To put things in perspective for the drum corps uninitiated:

– A typical score for us at this time of year would be 72-74.

– Minnesota Brass has never scored over 80 on a first show. Ever.

– Normally we don’t break the 80 mark until late July. Or even early August.

– scoring over 80 was so far out of the realm of possibility that I joked with the hornline beforehand saying “If we don’t pop an 80, I’m quitting. No pressure.”

– and “technically” Minnesota Brass was the first corps in the country to score over 80.

Okay, sure we need to take this first score with a grain of salt. Did the judges fuck up? Did they just pull a number out of their ass? Our score will most likely go down for our next show; scoring tends to be pretty volatile early in the season as the judges are getting their bearings and comparing corps.

But still…

This is the most prepared we’ve ever been in June, and the achievement level that the corps members are bringing is amazing.

This year feels… Special. Like we’re on the cusp of something wonderful.

I’m pretty excited.

We have another show this Tuesday, then on Thursday we head out for our first big showdown with all of our east coast rivals. That show is Saturday and its gonna test our mettle.

We will be exhausted from the bus ride, poor sleep, and two non-stop weeks of rehearsals and shows. And we’re basically walking into the lion’s den as the defending champions. So wish us luck, please. We’ll need every bit of it.

We desperately want to impress the folks out East and make the long trip worthwhile.

I leave you with couple pics:

Minnesota Brass on parade.


Pre-show warmups.

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3 Responses to 82.7

  1. truthspew says:

    Wow – looks like you guys are doing great right out of the box! Fantastic. I’ve got to hit YouTube and check you guys out.

  2. Mark says:

    wow….. great job!! good luck this week!!!! oh … and you look hot…. when you blow!!!! just sayin’………

  3. Jim says:

    Congrats on a job well done. Your hard work and dedication are paying off.

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