Art Music Sex Baby

Phew, what a full weekend!

Saturday was spent at marching drill camp– in 40 degrees and steady rain. Not the most excellent of days, but camp went decently overall.

Sunday was spent with Derrick. We had a late breakie, then did the St Paul Art Crawl for several hours.

As I’ve blogged before, the Art Crawl has provided many of the art pieces adorning my wall. And today I added this:


Derrick and I almost didn’t venture down the hall to this studio, but we stumbled upon her room and… Wow.

It’s a wood cut print of J.S. Bach. One of two. The artist was this 80 year old woman who used to teach art. All of her wood cut prints were incredible, but I fell in love with Bach and his destroyed face.

It was her only portrait work (all the rest were landscapes or abstracts) and she just recently rediscovered it in a drawer and decided to sell it.

I snatched it up immediately.


It satisfies my art criteria completely. It demonstrates skill and technique, and it evokes an emotional response. To me it has a bizarre, disturbing, “screaming pope” quality to it.

I love it (and it was an awesome bargain– a steal really).

Then after the art crawl, Derrick nailed me. Twice. Hard. Then we napped and went for pasta.

All in all, not a bad weekend.

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5 Responses to Art Music Sex Baby

  1. truthspew says:

    Hmmm – seems like you’re spending a LOT of time with Derrick. Good for you!

  2. Very cool. I’ve recently taken an interest in original art. I’ve found one local artist that I particularly enjoy. Here’s more about her if you or your readers are interested.

  3. Marcus says:

    Jealous X2

  4. Rick says:

    People will say you’re in love.
    I like the print. Can’t wait to see where you hang it!

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