Voo TV

No, not the old U2 concert tour, but a new iGadget.

Technically it’s called VooMote (yeah, bad name) but so far it’s been a decent purchase.

Basically it’s a small IR device that snaps into the bottom pin connection of your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) and with the Voomote app, it turns your device into a universal remote for all your electronics.


Kinda sweet, huh?

I’ve been looking for a “one remote” solution for awhile now. Just turning on my TV every night involved a carefully choreographed ballet sequence of two remotes.

And then to watch a DVD involved juggling yet another remote, along with frequent trips to the stereo receiver to select the DVD function and to adjust volume, etc.

Total pain in the ass.

I snapped the VooMote hardware into my iPhone, downloaded the free app, updated the firmware, and was off and running.


The setup tutorial is fairly easy, and things only get more complex if your IR device isn’t recognized (like my DirectTV). But them it’s just a matter of doing a button by button “teach in” so VooMote can learn your specific remote.

I only had to do that with the cable box, FYI. My other electronics all ended up being in the master codes.

Now I merely have to toggle between remote “screens” on my iPhone (or iPad), and I can run all my entertainment electronics.

The sweet part of the VooMote is that you can set it up for multi-functional remote with Macro buttons. For instance, I have a “Watch TV” icon, now.

So from there I hit the “Power All” macro I created, and it turns on the tv and the cable box in the proper sequence.

I also have a “Watch Movie” setup that will turn on the TV, DVD, and stereo, open the DVD player, and automatically set the stereo function to DVD and set the volume correctly.


I used this to watch porn the first night, with a really ginormous and easy to use iPad remote:


Say goodbye to sticky fast forward and pause remote buttons!

There are only two minor downsides do far. First, if you are going to use your iDevice as a remote, then it always has to be handy and have the VooMote plugged in.

Second, because the VooMote needs to point at your electronics, this inverts your iDevice which means you have to flip it around when you check your mail or chat on Scruff, etc.

Other than that, something the size of a Lego block has freed me from the clutter and confusion of 4 remote controls.

Totally worth it so far.


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7 Responses to Voo TV

  1. Way cool! I too, have to locate three different remotes when I want to watch a DVD … and I can’t see any of them in the dark!

  2. Triston says:

    So it’s like a Logitech harmony remote.. Just your phone or iPad…

  3. Dirk says:

    You younger generation and your space-age contraptions…

  4. Daniel says:

    If you ever become dissatisfied with it, the Logitech Harmony remotes really are fantastic, and have the same macro programming to them as well!

    • cb says:

      I do like the idea of the Logitech, but it meant adding yet ANOTHER device to the mix. This thing works with my existing devices– and at 1/3 the price.

  5. We have a Logitech Harmony. Love it. It’s the only remote we use. I’ve toyed with several different options for the iPhone/iPad, but none of them really seemed to flow well enough for me. So back to the Harmony we went.

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