More like “Trash”.

I finally had a Monday evening off, which meant that I got to see the number one biggest most anticipated most overhyped drama on TV, aka Smash.

I was less than impressed.

While I think the idea is good, I was completely not pulled in by the characters. Or the storylines. Or the acting.

And there was far less singing than I was hoping.

And while I did quite enjoy the song “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”, it alone will not have me coming back for seconds.

Did I miss something, or is this pretty much spot on?

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7 Responses to Smash?

  1. I think your assessment is pretty much spot on. Frankly, there is NO WAY it could live up to the hype. Katharine McPhee was “introduced” so much that we see her on the show and not her character. I’m disappointed in Debra Messing, too. For me, SMASH is kinda boring … I’d rather watch GLEE twice each week.

  2. I watched the first episode and I was done. The characters are boring and most of the women look too much alike to tell them apart. Didn’t draw me in.

    Debra Messing needs to lay off the oversized scarfs before someone strangles her with them. They look ridiculous.

    Anjelica Houston is GROSSLY under utilized in this.

  3. Timmay says:

    You are off your rocker on this one! Check it out from the beginning on Hulu so that you can make a fully informed opinion.

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m with Timmay. It’s also supposed to really hit its stride after the 4th episode.

  5. AjohnP says:

    I’ve been watching from the beginning, not only because I’m a total theatre nerd, but I have a friend on the show (the composer’s assistant). I love the musical numbers, I love the ‘idea’, and I love seeing all the Broadway folks being employed.
    What I don’t like is that they’ve managed to make so many of the characters completely unlikable. It’s the same way I felt about Glee, I can’t get over how much I really don’t like these people. That being said, (unlike Glee) I plan on continuing to watch SMASH. 🙂

  6. Blobby says:

    I keep calling it ‘Shame’. Not a ‘smash’, and not ‘fame’.

    So, Debra Messing will play a fag hag the rest of her career – yes, we GET it. Now move on.

  7. Dirk says:

    I’m confused why everyone refers to Grace Adler as Julia Houston on this show…

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