Do It Yourselfer…

I am not the biggest D.I.Y. homo, but boy I sure wish I were sometimes!

Ok, I’m not exactly “unhandy” around the house, but I kinda know my limits. Sure I paint, and can patch dry wall, and do basic plumbing.

I did hang my curtains and make that work. And in my past I also may have helped put down a tile floor reshingle a roof.

But I tend to shy away from larger projects where I’ve never been shown “how to”. Like my kitchen backsplash.

Or my bloody chandelier!

Ok, I freely admit when it comes to electrical work, I prefer to do the W.A.S.P. thing and mix a martini while calling an electrician.

Sure, I’ve put up a ceiling fan or two, and installed dimmer switches– but that’s it.

Which is why I’m so damn frustrated about my chandelier.

I finally have the electrician dude coming this afternoon to do the install. After a month and a half of phone tag and shit.

At this point I just want it done. But I’m also pissed that it required just enough work outside my comfort zone in order for me to not do it myself.

I’ll let you know how it goes later– with pictures if it looks good.

Keep your finger’s crossed!

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3 Responses to Do It Yourselfer…

  1. truthspew says:

    I got the entire DIY gene, not just a segment. I know how to wire up a light fixture, how to mount them, change out switches, outlets, breaker, etc. It’s all easy to do.

    I understand electricity – or electro-magnetics if you will.

    And plumbing isn’t hard either. In fact it’s very much like electricity, all about the flow!

  2. GoosterSD says:

    It really is easy, just make sure the power is off. It would be easier to do with a friend because of the awkward nature of the chandelier, but it’s a simple 3 wire hook up. Poz, Neg, and a ground.

    • Cb says:

      Oh were it that simple.

      If it was merely hanging the fixture, I would do it. But unfortunately a new ceiling junction box needs to be installed and tied into the existing one and some new conduit run.

      And attached to my concrete ceiling 14 feet up.

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