Curtain Panel Negatives

So, I have to say I’m still fairly chuffed about my IKEA curtain panel project.

It makes my room so dark and it completely changes the character of the space when they are closed.

However, there is one negative about the panels, and her name is Phoebe.

I have a very clever and very curious little kitteh. It took her all of 30 seconds to figure out how the curtain panels worked and how to push tem around so she could sneak between them.

This is the same kitteh that discovered how to open my bifold closet doors and cupboards in my old apartment.

Anyway, the sneak-thing isn’t the problem. It’s when she attacks the curtain panels.

In the middle of the night.

She has no front claws, but that doesn’t stop her from doing the “paw thing” on different textures. And the panels are woven grass type material.

So her new thing is to paw at one of the panels around 4 am. This sets all the panels to clattering about (they have the metal bars at the bottom) which startles me out of my sleep.

Sometimes she does it a couple times even; I have scold her to get her to stop. Then I have to get up and adjust the panels to block the light.

That darn cat!

Unfortunately, I think she does it now deliberately to wake me up so that I will cuddle with her to get her to curl up and fall asleep. Because invariably she jumps back up on the bed, nuzzles me, and starts purring.

And some folks think cats are stupid.

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8 Responses to Curtain Panel Negatives

  1. My god, between the kitten and the booty calls, you’re getting NO SLEEP at all.

  2. Cats are NOT stupid. You’ll notice that they get their way more often than we do. And they’re persistent little buggers, too! They know they’re in charge.

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    my meredith likes to paw the books on the nightstand; so much so that they fall off with a BANG! then she climbs into bed and settles down, happily purring and snuggling.

    meanwhile, I can’t get back to sleep… 😦

    but I loves my kitty girl! πŸ™‚

  4. Will J says:

    Kitty is going to get a crate to sleep in overnight…she just doesn’t know it yet…does she?

  5. Doug says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I had a cat once (whom I loved to bits) who used to knock coins of my dresser one by one, or hook one claw in my nose to wake me up. She had lots of ways to get what she wanted πŸ™‚

  6. truthspew says:

    Yeah, cats are pretty smart little creatures. Depending on how they glide on the lower rail you could maybe coat them with a thin layer of wax or plastic to dampen the clatter.

  7. Bryony says:

    My cat did something similar, I bought some fabric that was sticky on both sides (the sort you can use to stick xmas cards to a wall) and put it on the fabric panel side that you can’t see. The cat hated the sticky and left them alone after that. I’ve also used essential oils like eucalyptus/orange to keep her away and that seems to work too.

  8. Mark in DE says:

    OMG, I would have loved it if my cat would cuddle up with me and fall asleep. Although my cat was very affectionate, he did not cuddle up with me in bed. Call her when she fiddles with the curtains and invite her to cuddle up.

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