Bad Neighbor

I found out that I’m a “bad neighbor” last night. Evidently my subwoofer is too loud when I watch movies.


I honestly feel a bit guilty about it– but also a bit peeved that I got a visit. Allow me to explain.

I fully realize that condo living requires a certain amount of… congeniality… for the sake of the neighbors. No loud parties going on at all hours, no construction at odd times, no screaming orgasms, etc.

In fact, I believe 11 pm is the “loud cutoff” according to the condo bylaws.

I get that, and I do my best to abide by it. I mean, I like my peace and quiet as much as the next person, especially when 10 pm (aka bedtime) rolls around.

Yes, I know. I’m old.

However, my neighbor knocked on my door to enquire about my subwoofer practices at 8 pm last night.

Eight o’fucking clock.

And yes, I happened to be watching Harry Potter– through my stereo system– at the time.

I ended up adjusting my subwoofer volume and settings, and turning the overall volume down. You know, to be polite and all.

If I analyze it, yeah the bass was a bit thumpy at the high drama parts. And it really probably didn’t need to be that loud– it was probably just misadjusted from my rearrangement of the living room.

Either that, or Phoebe’s been having loud, incense-burning cat orgies again.

But evidently it was enough of a problem at 8 pm on a Monday night to necessitate a door to door investigation.

The real ass-chappy part is that it’s not like I’m a habitual offender.

I could certainly understand a visit if I were playing loud music past 11 on school nights and shit. But I’m not.

The only time I use the subwoofer is when I listen to music (generally during the daytime hours on weekends when I’m cleaning), or when I watch a DVD.

And I watch DVD’s maybe once or twice a month. And never late at night either– I’m usually reading by 10.

I think this all stems from some other recent noise complaints on my hall (not of my doing). I just happened to receive the visit as I was the most current noise-maker.

Well excuuuuuuuuuse ME!

At least the neighbor was nice about it, and really didn’t think it was me since I’d lived there a year and they’d never noticed it. And they weren’t passive-aggressive about it by complaining to the condo board.

And I played the good neighbor and corrected my transgressions.

But my ass is still a bit chapped today- and not just from the screaming orgasm orgy disco dance and jazzercize party I hosted last night.

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5 Responses to Bad Neighbor

  1. says:

    You’re not a bad neighbor. In fact, you’re a GOOD neighbor. A bad neighbor would have told them to “F*ck off!” and turned the stereo up even louder. Or like my neighbors, let their dog kill your cat so you can dig a hole on a cold rainy day.

    It sounds to me like the encounter was neighborly and cordial. I hope you’re ass chappedness goes away quickly and painlessly.

  2. Paul says:

    My downstairs neighbor said the same thing to me about my sub-woofer, so I put it on a little rug and it seemed to help.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    The party of this situation/story I find the MOST disturbing is that you were watching Harry Potter.

  4. truthspew says:

    This is why I choose to live on the first floor of a building. I can crank the noise if I want. It doesn’t transmit as well through the ceiling.

    And I’m a big fan of headphones. Got a pair of Subjekts on right now.

  5. Rick/CJ says:

    It’s been awhile since I lived in an apt/condo but it’s not a helluva lot different in a home when they are only 8-10 feet apart. Since the cooler days and no AC I can hear the neighbors phone ring at times. Plus my 97 year old father lives with me and can’t hear and keeps cranking up the TV. Your neighbors would love having him next door.
    It’s nice you didn’t go off on them.

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