Gay Marriage and You!

I guess I should start by saying that I don’t believe in “gay marriage”.

And I just heard a *pop* as all the fundamentalist gay’s heads collectively exploded.

(Now ask me if I believe in heterosexual marriage– I don’t).

“Marriage” is a touchy subject and I knew as soon as the gays started pushing for marriage rights it was a mistake. I mean, basically as long as there are Christians in the government and Christian folk electing those officials, you ain’t gonna win.

I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that marriage should be between one man and one woman. In a chuch. In the eyes of God. Period.

And because marriage is obviously a religious institution (holy matriony, officiated by priests, joined in the eyes of God, etc) that is should have NO place in government whatsoever.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”– First Amendment

Giving married people all sorts of tax benefits, visitation rights, adoption rights, etc smacks to me of a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

That’s why I think just because God and your Priest recognize that you are together until death (or divorce or annulment should you part) shouldn’t give you squat.

I believe in “Civil Unions”. I think if you want the government to recognize your joined status, you need to get a Civil Union and make it all legal and official. THEN you should get all the government bennies.

And Civil Unions should be available to ALL folks, otherwise it’s blatant discrimination. So sayeth the Supreme Court in the decision in Brown vs Board of Education where “separate” was determined to “not be equal”.

So, I say leave stupid, stinky marriage to the straights and fight for Civil Unions for all instead.

Yes, I know that I’m a crackpot, and this is just as much of an uphill battle. But at least I think it’s a battle that has legal arguments that can be made in it’s favor.

When the word “marriage” is involved… you’ll never win. Just ask the divorce lawyers.

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10 Responses to Gay Marriage and You!

  1. Well, that’s actually the way it is now, or so I understand. You can parade up and down the church aisle all you want, but until you go to City Hall to sign that piece of paper, it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Dan says:

    CB, I live in Massachusetts. I have the right to marry here (as much as I can get with DOMA, anyway). I’ve had a front-row seat on a lot of the debates.

    Right after the court decision, there was a huge state constitutional debate. Republicans wanted standard marriage, Democrats wanted gay marriage. There was a lone Republican who offered a third path – he offered a full civil union amendment. I thought it was great, but it went no where. No one was on board.

    That really changed me to a pragmatist on this. I agree, fundamentally, that we should get the government out of the marriage business and leave it to the churches and temples. But there is no appetite for that to happen.

    At that point, I’m left with three choices: I can fight for civil unions while marriage is still in the government, but I don’t believe that will result in equality, so I rule that out. I can tilt at windmills and fight for civil unions and no marriages, but that is going nowhere fast. Or I can fight for gay marriage: it’s not perfect, but it’s equality. It’s what I’m fighting for.

  3. wcs says:

    In France, where I live, church weddings are not recognized as legal by the government. Only civil marriages count. Of course, gays are not allowed to marry (but they’re working on changing the law). There is a civil union law that gays are eligible for, as is anyone else. In fact, since the civil union law was passed, more straights have taken advantage of it than gays. Still, the marriage confers other rights and privileges that the civil union does not (adoption, for example), and that’s why the gay rights advocates are fighting for the change. Still, marriage is a civil contract here, not a religious one. So it kind of lines up with your philosophy, if not your terminology.

  4. Whip says:

    For me marriage was never a huge issue, but I understand it is important to others and I do support their cause.

    Since churches want to be so involved in policy making I say they lose the tax exempt status. They are big fucking businesses that rake in tons of money each year…we have a huge national debt so let the churches pony up and pay their fair share!! If they want to stick their nose in my business let them pay for the opportunity!

  5. CitizenKurt says:

    Right again! You so smart Mr. CB!!!!¡¡¡¡

  6. Dustin says:

    The main problem, and hurdle to overcome (following up on Dan’s post), will be that straight people won’t run for Civil Unions when Marriage is available. Marriage means something, even to people who aren’t religious. The word has a powerful meaning for many, the word Civil Union doesn’t. So even if you offer Civil Unions to straights, they’ll still get “married” even if it’s at City Hall and not in a church. Yes technically you can say what they have to some is a civil union – but they won’t call it that and the government doesn’t.

    As have also made in various arguments on the issue, the government getting out of marriage and leaving that to the churches STILL won’t satisfy the loonies. There are churches that will “gay marry” people. So The fundies will still get their panties in a wad over that issue should there be some try to separate church and civil marriages.

    We could also get into a debate on what marriage really is and means 🙂 In this country, yes it’s traditionally been a religious thing. But one way marriage is changing is that women no longer have to get married straight out of high school and be dependent on a man. Once that was a reality in this country, but now women can have jobs and careers. So marriage is getting pushed back to later and later in life. Once upon a time in this country marriages were orchestrated heavily, or at least had to be approved, by families – as with most of the world it’s an economic arrangement first and foremost 🙂 Families wanted to make sure daughters were taken care of by the men!

    My parents weren’t married in the church. Two of my good friends (two couples) weren’t either. So basically they have eschewed your idea of what marriage is or should be, that it should be in a church before God. Should we say they are not married, but Civil Unioned? Good luck trying to get straight people to make that a law! You’ll have a hard time passing any laws about marriage that take rights away from straight people, because they are the overwhelming majority. If you tell straights “If you wanna be married, you’ll also have to do it in a church” you will hear such an uproar! That’s another reason to fight for marriage, because we shouldn’t be told we can settle for “good enough” or “kinda marriage” when they change the rules all the time to benefit them 🙂

    We have had Civil Unions here in Jersey for years. My partner and I still haven’t done it. I am holding out for marriage, or will just go to NY or DC and do it there. Like I started out, the word marriage means something – we grow up being taught one day we’ll get married – not civil union. Also there is no agreement across the world/cultures as to what marriage is, which the right wing loonies would have people believe. Every culture/society defines it in their own term, and those are always changing.

    • Cb says:

      But my main point is that straights can get married all they want in my scenario– they just get to special benefits. To get any tax, adoption, death, property, power of attorney benefits, you have to be “unioned” by government document.

      Which should be available to all.

      • Dustin says:

        But the issue still becomes the WORD. Marriage is religious, Civil Union is government. That’s what they want to enact on us now. Try and enact it on them? Hell. Breaks. Loose 🙂

  7. Dustin says:

    BTW, in some states there have been lawsuits to allow civil unions for straights – and you know who want it? OLD PEOPLE! Why? Because they can get some state benefits – but it’s not federally recognized – so they don’t lose Social Security or Pensions from their previously dead legally married spouses – – talk about double dipping !

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