HP 7.2

And no, I don’t mean some new Hewlett Packard computer version.

Naturally I’m talking about the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Electric Bugaloo.

My one sentence review?  I liked it ok.

Personally I’m sort of glad the franchise is done.  I really hate it when the movie industry takes YEARS to complete a trilogy (Original Star Wars and L.O.T.R.).  Yeah, I know it takes awhile to put a movie together… but mostly the wait is just yanking the audience’s chain.

That bothers me.  And that’s what they did with this final installment of HP. So yippie skippy it’s now over.

The other thing that bothers me about movies made from books is the editing and “creative license” some directors take with the story.

For the most part, this HP movie is fairly true to the book, but they still managed to “creatively alter” things.

My biggest beef is actually with the movie “Half Blood Prince”, because they took out SO much that was crucial in the book.  All of Harry’s moments in the Pensive where he learns about Voldemort and the horcruxes (like the Hufflepuff cup), etc.  And how Harry hides the potion’s book in the cabinet marked with the bust and the “wonky crown” (Ravenclaw diadem).

These changes REALLY altered the story, IMHO.  So now in this final movie, Harry finds the horcruxes by “feel”.  And also now Voldemort feels every time a horcrux is destroyed and is onto Harry’s plan.

Other things that were dissatisfying were the battle of Bellatrix and Molly as well as the final duel between Harry and Voldemort.

I always pictured Molly’s battle with Bellatrix to be more “epic”.  In the movie, it’s just sort of anti-climactic.  The same kind of goes for Harry’s final duel.

I really missed Harry giving the speech about the wands to Voldemort as they dueled.  And was COMPLETELY pissed that the final spell/curse combo of “avada kedavra” from Voldemort and “Expelliarmus” from Harry was completely omitted.

I mean, Harry *always* used Expelliarmus– it was his signature.  To disarm, not to kill.  And having that be the spell he used which caused Voldemort’s spell to backfire I think was the complete apex of 7 novel’s worth of story.

And the thing is, some of these little bits would have been SO easy to add to the movie and not have made it run long.  But no.  Decisions were made.  And they weren’t the same ones I would have made.

So while I enjoyed the movie and was relieved that the series was finally brought to a close, I was left a tad bit unsatisfied by the final product.

Anyone else out there an HP purist like myself who feels the same way?

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9 Responses to HP 7.2

  1. Sean says:

    I agree completely. What came very close to ruining the movie for me was wondering for 15 mins durning the start of the war was where was Hagrid. I kept thinking that they’re changing this too!

  2. Nik_thegreek says:

    I read the books some years ago and to be honest I couldn’t remember much of the details. Especially the last one, I finished it very quickly and lots of things I had forgotten. From the things you’ve mentioned what really disappointed me was Bellatrix. I wanted to see more of her. Helena Bonham Carter was amazing. The duel between Molly and her was really bad and quick.
    I generally liked the movie though.

  3. Dave says:

    I loved all the books but I started to dislike the movies with the 3rd one (one of my favorite books) they changed so much from the books and left so much out when Half Blood Prince came out I was so let down by how they butchered the story I didn’t even want to see anymore. I even refused to see the first half of 7 until 6 months after the DVD came out. I haven’t seen the second half and will probably wait till it comes out on DVD as well. After reading how they messed up Bellatrix and Molly’s fight I’m a bit disappointed I loved that part in the book. Oh well maybe when they remake them in 5 or so years (lord knows Hollywood can’t come up with new stories so they remake everything) they will do a better job.

  4. Daniel says:

    The Bellatrix/Molly duel was a total letdown. If they had taken out the “BITCH” I would have asked for my money back – that was one of the biggest highs of the books, finally hearing somebody get pissed at Bellatrix.

  5. I must confess… I haven’t seen any of them.

  6. Dustin says:

    My main issue was the complete dropping of Dumbledore and Grinwald’s backstory, which yeah it’s not Harry’s story, but it was important as the fricken book is called “The Deathly Hallows!”

  7. Doréus says:

    I saw it (and the only movies I actually saw were the two parts of tome seven) and feel the same: well done for cinematographic effects… but somewhat anticlimactic. What gets me is that all the reflection that goes into the process of learning among the three protagonists is mostly evacuated from the movies. They seem quite one-dimensional and they indeed look like they go about their quest “by feel”. The final duel in the book (which I read between the two installments of the films, so it was relatively fresh) betweeh H and V was quite spectacular to read. And amazingly dull on the screen. I felt like it was meant to look spectacular in the 3D version (which I did not see as I am cheap) but it really reduces it to a bunch of special effects.
    I’m glad it’s over.

  8. Timmay says:

    Is it me or did Harry get hot as fuck?

  9. Blobby says:

    You’ll see tomorrow, my review isn’t all that different than yours. I had some of your same issues plus one – one that I think is rather large….but you can tell me differently.

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