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One of my other purchases this weekend was a new clock radio.  I have been less than pleased with it’s performance so far. This is what I got: And this is what the above replaced: Now WHY would I replace a perfectly good … Continue reading

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Twisted Nerve

Remember in Kill Bill where Elle (aka Colorado Mountain Snake) is dressed in the naughty nurse costume replete with awesome eyepatch and she’s “whistling” a tune as she walks down the hallway? Well the tune is called “Twisted Nerve” by … Continue reading

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Saturday Acquisitions

I had a very productive Saturday. I paid some bills, cleaned up my computer hard drive, backed up all my data, cleaned my place, did laundry… And bought a couple things. First up, some Macintosh-style chairs that I found while … Continue reading

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Gay Information Series– Self Portraits and You!

As I alluded to on Wednesday, I felt it necessary to do a public service blogpost concerning the “don’ts” of hookup app self-portraits.  Specifically Grindr pics. But there are offenders on all the gay websites. Guys- if you are going … Continue reading

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Kaption Winner

I’m finally announcing a bastard kaption winner on a Thursday.  Go figure! This week I decided the honor would go to someone who not only mentioned tsunamis, but also farts.  So, congratulations RG.  Winning!

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Why-ku Wednesday (gay face)

You are on Grindr. As a top. With this picture. Best of luck with that. P.S. I know it is bad gay karma to poke fun— but really?? This is the pic you’re going with on a gay networking (I.e. … Continue reading

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Fame Monster

Well, it was bound to happen again sooner or later.  On Friday, I was recognized by someone who reads my blog. The first time it happened was at the Eagle, and it was a fellow blogger.  He turned out to … Continue reading

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Guess what arrived today?

No, not my period you silly gooses. Something better! These: Phoebe was very curious about my new grey, orange, and black beauties! Me striking a pose– so fetching! I can’t wait to give these a whirl at the gym tomorrow.

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Who You Gonna Call?

There was an interesting (and exciting) turn of events this past weekend.  I Scruff-chatted with a guy in my building!  And not just any guy– it was Mr. 507!!! Squeeee!  SQUARED!!!!  (aka Squeeee^2) Ok, first off, let me just say that the … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Abreva Edition)

It’s been such a busy, shitty week here folks, that I am just *barely* getting these comix published. First, a new twist.  I’m starting this week’s installment with the Li’l Bastard Caption winner from last week.  Congratulations Kevin (from the … Continue reading

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