Over the holiday weekend my mother and I saw the Disney flick “Tangled”.

This is my short, non-spoiler review.

If you like animated, romantic, adventure movies- then go see this movie.  It’s a cute story, the voices are good, it’s actiony/angsty, and in true Disney form, it’s a musical.

My biggest issue with the film is the music, unfortunately.  The songs are “good”… just not “great”.  Inthe past, Disney always sets a standard with their musical numbers.  This time? Honestly, I can’t hum a single theme from this movie.

However, it IS Menken music, so it doesn’t suck.  The “mother knows best” song is pretty clever, and the music at the lantern scene really is very lush.

Oh- and the animation in the lantern scene?  Worth the price of admission alone.  And if you can see it in 3-D, it’s completely worth it.  You *will* tear up.

Speaking of voices, I had NO idea that Mandy Moore was Rapunzel.  None.  And she does a good job.

As does Zachary Levi (Chuck).  I could tell it was him, but he’s very cute in the role of the debonaire thief.

The horse and the chameleon sidekicks are probably the best characters in the film, and thankfully they don’t talk.  They do everything through expressions, and it is very cleverly done.

My last thoughts:  Leaving the film, I found that I truly enjoyed it.  However, it just didn’t seem to quite have the same heart as a Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.

Still, worth seeing on the big screen though.

P.S.  I lied earlier.  I just remembered the theme for the golden hair.

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1 Response to Tangled

  1. dirkmancuso says:

    The Fella is taking me to see this Thursday night (mostly so I’ll sit through the upcoming TRON LEGACY shitfest with him) so I was relieved to see a good review from a critic as tough as you.

    In a related matter, is it wrong to find an animated character “hawt”? ‘Cause Flynn Rider is giving me a big ol’ case of the cardiac pitty-pats…

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