The Hard Sell

I have condo fever. Again.

Basically I really want a place of my own that I can paint and customize to my heart’s content.

This always happens after saturating myself with HGTV.

It doesn’t help matters any that I found a few condos in a building that I quite fancy– condos in my tightwad pricerange no less!

So, I kind of started the “official” process. Which means getting loan pre-approval.

And because I wanted to do some “rate shopping”, I decided to fill out the online LendingTree application. You know– to make banks compete for my business and stuff.

Wow. Mistake.

Almost as soon as I pressed the key on my computer, my phone started ringing.

And ringing. And ringing!

Several lenders (e.g. Pepito’s Haus of Loanings) started to solicit my business.

How much do you make? What’s your credit score? Are you a convicted felon? Fax me your w-2s!!

Shit, it’s driving me crazy!

I’m currently suffering a daily barrage of emails and phone calls. One number calls me several times a day.

I’ve completely stopped answering.

And the thing that chaps my ass is they won’t leave a message. They call my cell a couple times– and then immediately call my work number when I don’t answer.


Don’t fucking hard sell me! I know times are difficult, but give me the information, let me process it, and then come to you.

Beating me up daily to schedule an appointment with you is NOT going to work.

Man, and folks wonder why I like renting.

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7 Responses to The Hard Sell

  1. truthspew says:

    This is why it’s always handy to have a couple of numbers for masking and voice mail bucketing.

    At the current time I have four different telephone numbers. Two of them are actual phones (Well, VoiP and Cell). One is a phone service but I use it as a voicemail bucket. The last is my Google Voice number which I point at the cell phone.

  2. Good luck! Let me know when the house warming party happens!

  3. rg says:

    So I take it you’re looking for a 2 bed/2 bath with the second bedroom doubling as a sling room when your parents aren’t visiting? 🙂

  4. rjjs8878 says:

    Try looking for a mortgage broker. Ask friends if they know anyone in the business.

  5. Blobby says:

    It is a pain and it is intrusive. I hate the process.

    I can’t believe that Lending Tree site doesn’t allow for parameters on what number to use and when to call. When I use sites like that, I say ’email only’.

    But last time, I just went to a finance guy and made him do all the work. It was worth it. And as painful as the process can be, pre-approval is THE way to go and it will save hassles in the end.

    Good luck on the search.

  6. Sean says:

    Good luck…hopefully you’ll have neighbors with benefits.

  7. BustersDad says:

    I completely agree with Truth and rjjs. First, having a GoogleVoice account is great for situations where you may want to talk to a salesperson but want to do it on your schedule (shopping for mortage or car). You can set the service so that all calls go to voicemail, if they leave a message it is converted to text and sent to your gmail. You can even set it so it does not answer if a particular company is no longer in the running.

    On the mortage shopping front, in addition to asking around for recommendations for mortage brokers I would also suggest that you check in with your current bank or credit union. Because you already have a relationship with them, hopefully good, it may be slightly simpler to work with them. But since a minor difference in mortage rates can make thousands of dollars of difference over the life of the loan it is worth comparison shopping and even some haggling [‘lender X has offered me this but I would prefer to work with you, can you beat his offer?’].

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