Crazy Long Ass Weekend

I’ll try not to bore you with too many details.

The busride to Madison on Friday evening was fun, as the group was rowdy and excited and we basically made it a party all the way there.

Oh, and I may or may not have been caught on video dancing to “Single Ladies”.  (That’ll haunt me, I just know it).

The night on the gym floor in Madison… sucked a bit.  I’d forgotten how difficult it is to sleep on a floor surrounded by 60 other people.  It was not a restful night.

However, my tauntaun sleeping bag was a HUGE hit!  Everybody was completely jealous of it.

Saturday in Madison was humid as fuck and hot as hell and exausting as all get out.  They worked us really hard all day– too hard in retrospect.

By showtime in Madison, we were ready but also pretty beat.  Most of the corps had 1st show jitters, which when coupled with fatigue made for many mental errors.

It was not our best performance of our show.

However, as crappy as we felt about our show, evidently the judges liked it and we did manage to throw up a pretty decent score.

The busride back was much more somber and quiet.  And we didn’t get back home until close to 2 am on Sunday.

Sunday’s show in Stillwater was… very fulfilling.

We had an abbreviated rehearsal so we were much fresher, and after sleeping in my own bed and drinking a pot of coffee I had energy to burn!

And this overabundance of energy translated all the way to the field, where we got to perform in front of basically a hometown crowd.

Minnesota Brass threw down a pretty good show last night, and I am fairly pleased with my performance overall.  It was the show we needed to have after Madison’s performance.

And I think my friends that came to the show liked Minnesota Brass’s performance.  I mean, we are not as big or good as the Cavaliers or Cadets, but I think our show still has decent power.

It’s always hard to know if they were just being polite to me with their feedback so as not to hurt my feelings. (Like I have any!)

Unfortunately a different set of judges meant our score actually went down by 5 points.  Which is somewhat demoralizing, but scoring in this activity can be fairly inconsistent (especially early in the season).

The good news?  I am tired today, but definitely NOT a crankypants.


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3 Responses to Crazy Long Ass Weekend

  1. Sean says:

    Good job on the performance — and dont worry – you never bore us readers with any details – your life never seems to be boring – LOL – thanks for the post

  2. MJC says:

    You got to show off your sleeping bag! That was totally worth everything! Not many people can ever say that! How cool are you?!!!! Congrats!

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