iPad Fever…

Yeah, I have the fever for the flavor of an iPad.

I have NOT pre-ordered one.  Yet.  I seriously want to check them out physically before committing to anything.  I’m also not wild about the price ($499 for only 16 gig– and no 3G service).  And I know I want to get the new iPhone when it comes out in June.

But none of that stops me from jonesing just a little bit for one of ’em.

I want one for two reasons, both of which I will tell you about right now.

First, my old mac iBook took a shit about 6 months ago, which leaves me with no portable computing options.  Other than my iPhone that is.

Why do I need a portable computer option?  Well, I guess I really don’t.  I have a perfectly good desktop Mac residing a mere 20 steps from my living room.  But how nice is it to have something right at your lap that you can surf porn and order pizza from?

Secondly, I want an iPad for an eBook reader.

I am completely hooked on the whole ebook thing.  Seriously, I may never buy another paper book- THAT’S how hooked I am.

How can I be so eSmitten without having an iPad (or a Kindle for that matter)?  Well, there is a Kindle app for the iPhone, and I’ve been using the fuck out of it.

Ever since seeing the shit movie that was “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, I have been using my iPhone Kindle app religiously.  I downloaded the Percy Jackson novel to my phone– to give the whole ebook thing a whirl and to see how much better the book was than the movie.

The book was indeed way awesomer than the movie, and awesomer still was having it constantly at my fingertips on my iPhone.  I devoured the whole book in like 2 days.  And then downloaded the next in the series.  And then the next.

I finished all 5 Percy Jackson novels this way.  All of which I highly recommend.  (Very Harry Potterish, although technically not quite as good).

Then I got the book “Tigers and Devils”, which is a gay novel.  Which I also couldn’t put down and powered through in like 3 days.  And which I ALSO highly recommend (if you like well-written gay fiction/romance stuff).

Seriously, it’s a good read.  SOOO much better than most gay fiction that’s out there. 

And not only was this book completely worth Kindle App-ing, but it completely illustrates why ebooks are so fucking cool.  I found it by searching Amazon (through my Kindle app) for “gay fiction”.  A whole slew of recommended books popped up, and I browsed until I found one that had great reviews.

It had a “sample” option, so I clicked and got the first few chapters downloaded to my phone.  Which I was then able to peruse for free at my leisure.

And then bought the whole book with the click of one button.

There was no driving to Borders or Barnes & Noble.  No fighting stupid crowds and squalling babies.  No hunting through endless, poorly organized shelves of books.  No asking information where the goddamn gay section is.  No embarassment at having to hunt for it and finding it facing the coffee bar, wedged desperately between “Women’s Studies” and “Famous Jewish Sports Legends”.  And no disappointment because the shelves only contain gay self-help books and Men on Men 27:  Erotic Stories That Scrape The Bottom of the Barrel. 

Nope, none of that.  I can shop anywhere with ease from my phone, buy a book with one click, and have it to read almost instantaneously.

Other benefits include:

  • eBooks are cheaper than regular books
  • eBooks don’t take up shelf space
  • eBooks are more portable
  • eBooks are environmentally friendly
  • eBooks give you an intellectual free-time option at your fingertips

I may end up continuing to use my iPhone in the short term, but eventually an iPad will be mine.

Oh, yes.  It will be mine.

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15 Responses to iPad Fever…

  1. me says:

    i admit i am also intrigued but i have a firm policy on new tech like this: do not buy until at least gen 2 if not 3. cuz you know by then it’ll be soo much better!!

  2. Sean says:

    You win! I downloaded the Kindle app and am trying out a sample of a book…if I like it, I’ll owe you; if not, you’ll owe me 🙂

  3. sean says:

    I love my knidle and am seriously considering selling it and getting an ipad. I can’t wait for the new kindle app for mac so you can read it on your computer and I never worried about my book breaking or being stolen. I also find reading mu kindle much easier (I like a bigger font) and more comfortable to hold.

  4. sean says:

    ps. best pic yet for undi-monday – hot evidence disproving your “fat 40 year old” claim from your band camp post.

  5. Jason says:

    I agree on the undi Monday photo – your a hot stud!! Would mind getting you in bed for a hell of a lot of fun!! That will give you something to do as you wait for the IPAD! LOL

  6. Cubby says:

    I am very curious about the iPad too, despite the ridiculous name. I can see myself downloading a movie onto it and then watching at while I do cardio at the gym. It does have that functionality, doesn’t it?

  7. Bart says:

    Totally thinking of buying one for myself too — I mean, I often sit in front of the TV and check email and surf in the iPhone — how much better would that be in a bigger version — the iPad!

    I have not pre-ordered either — I need to go feel it up at the Apple store first!

    But I’ve got some budget set aside for that AND a new iPhone when the current one breaks.

  8. John says:

    I think it looks pretty cool. The one thing that DOESN’T interest me about it is using it as an e-reader. I love my Kindle’s e-ink display, which is much easier on my middle-aged eyes than a typical screen, and I love that I only have to charge it about once a week – handy when traveling! I think Kindle is just so well designed for reading books that for a serious reader (meaning someone who reads a lot, all the time, every day) it’s hard to imagine the ipad providing a better experience.

    I also like that Kindle lets me lose myself in a book – there’s no email, no “let me just scoot over to this web site,” just me and the book on my sofa or lying in bed and nothing else.

    But everything else about the iPad seems pretty cool.

  9. J James says:

    Re: Sean

    I believe the Kindle for Mac application has already been released. I haven’t used it yet…but I know I saw an e-mail from Amazon announcing that it was out.

  10. Dustin says:

    I am slowly warming up to the idea of an ipad instead of a netbook. If they release some kind of wordproccessing app for it, I would be sold 🙂

    • Dustin says:

      So maybe I’m sold, apparently it’s coming with Pages?

      • John says:

        It doesn’t come with it – you have to buy iWork (with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) separately. They have made an iPad version, haven’t heard what the cost is. Pages is pretty good.

        There are some word processing apps for iPhone; unknown if they will work with iPad but I am sure there will be 3rd party apps coming fast.

      • Bart says:

        I think John is right that you have to buy iWork. You’ll have to sync your document or spreadsheet with your computer (or send it via e-mail), because I don’t think you can print from the iPad.

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