Wireless Hell

I was trapped at my father’s house for most of the T-Giving weekend– without wireless Internet.

AND shitty, non-3G coverage.


I knew I was in for a treat when dad cornered me first thing and started asking for my help with his laptop.

He couldn’t connect wirelessly anymore and he asked me to take a look at it.

It turned into a dark foray of epic proportions.

Suffice it to say I’m not THE most tech savvy person. I can turn on a computer and do the fun plug-n-play stuff on my mac.

But PCs are a different, and not easy to troubleshoot animal.

Oh, and my dad informs me (after 30 minutes or so) that when he first had the problem, he called the Linksys people.

Uh oh.

They reset some things, he “clicked on some things” and may have accidentally deleted some stuff.

The next two hours was spent trying to reinstall and re-set up the wireless router.

Which I think I sort of managed with only one loss and reset of the cable modem.

And after all my work, I personally I think his whole problem is a bad router.

We would get a wifi signal for awhile, then it would shit out. Then we’d reset it.

And it would shit again.

But dad didn’t believe me that the router could be going bad and these were symptoms.

Especially after my I.T. trained stepbrother got it working again and said, “Nah, the routers probably ok.”

So- my weekend was spent mostly without wifi, and with spotty Edge network coverage.

It’s lucky y’all got the comix at all!!

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9 Responses to Wireless Hell

  1. Bart says:

    I had a POS Dlink router once that would work for a while and then quit. This started about a year after I bought it.

    I have had no problems at all with the Netgear router that I bought to replace it.

  2. Isn’t that the worst!! It’s those times that we truly learn how addicted we are to the internet!

  3. TallestTop says:

    Look at the environment. Signal doesn’t “go away”, so much as get all snarled up with OTHER signals, such as battery-powered portable phones, police radios going by, and stuff like that.

    If somebody picks up the portable house line and hits “Talk”, and the wifi goes away immediately, they need to switch to a “5.8 ghz” model of phone, which is not sharing the same frequencies.

  4. Java says:

    We had a Linksys which came highly recommended. It was a POS. Replaced it with a Dlink and have had no problems. I HATE being without internet connection!

  5. Christopher says:

    We’re all slaves to technology!!!

  6. Christopher says:

    Oh, and to The Rhythm!

  7. Hayward says:

    Pop over and buy the man a new router for Christmas please.

  8. Mark in DE says:

    I’m not that tech savvy either, and had a friend install my wireless router for me. Sorry your weekend was lame.

  9. truthspew says:

    A lot of times just installing the latest greatest firmware on the WiFi router does the trick. I had a client who got frustrated with his Links WRT54G so he just bought a new one and gave the old one to me.

    And what am I using right this moment, the WRT54G of course. Works fine.

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